leak detection
water damage repair
mold removal & remediation



Concrete Restoration

If you have some concrete in front of your home or business, what difference does it make as to its appearance?


Drywall Repair

How often have you seen a video of someone running into the wall of their home and leaving a huge hole in the drywall?


Fix Leaks

Have you ever tried to fix leaks in your home’s plumbing only to fix nothing, or to find out that you’ve made things worse?


Leak Detection

If you think that you have a water leak in your home, you may be tempted to start crawling around your basement or pulling floorboards to find it.


Leak Repair

Putting off a leak repair in the home is never a good idea. When water leaks it can cause damage to many areas of the home, whether or not the homeowner realizes it.


Mold Testing

At Absolute Maintenance and Consulting (AMC) you can get all the water damager repair and prevention services you need for your home.


Odor Removal

Water gets into your home any way it can. You may detect only water spots, have sudden flooding, or have no idea at all that there is a water problem.


Water Damage Los Angeles

If you have water damage in your Los Angeles home, Leak Mold Repair can solve your problem and give you great results the first time!


Water Damage

Here are two basic types of water damage that can occur in homes and other structures: that which is visible and that which is not.


Water Leak Detection

Absolute Maintenance and Consulting is a green company based in Los Angeles that focuses on environmentally friendly solutions when healing your home.


Waterproofing Consultant

Leak Mold Repair is a waterproofing consultant that is backed by more than three decades of experience within the industry.


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This offer is for a general estimate only - does not include water intrusion investigation or full mold investigation inspections.




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Exclusive licensed user of Concrobium's revolutionary Mold Control products.


Absolute Maintenance is a USA ECO-Friendly company. We use chemical-free mold spraying and all-natural, non-toxic products that deodorize, sanitize and sterilize the environment, backed by a "written" Lifetime Warranty.


Absolute Maintenance received super service award for achieving and maintaining a superior service rating on Angie's list throughout 2015.