Do You Have A Leak?

Something is up. Every month the water bill is a few bucks more. But in your gut you know something is wrong. And for good reason, the signs of distress seem to be popping up everywhere. First a strong musty smell and now mold. You’re not spending every dollar you have for your dream home in Brentwood to be infested with mold, let alone a leak.

I Have A Leak. Now What?

You’re not alone. Millions of Americans are victims of leaks. What’s scary about this number is not everyone realizes they have a leak problem until it’s too late and cost them thousands of dollars in repair. This won’t be you. Absolute Maintenance and Consulting won’t allow this to be you for one day longer.

Do You Have A Leak?

Do You Have A Water Leak In Your Home?

Case Study: Brentwood, May 2013

We had been called in by Cindy home in Brentwood, California to do leak detection using our FLIR B cam infrared camera. Remember, we have over 30 years of experience, understand all the techniques to use these intricate and expensive cameras & this was right up our alley.

We were asked to look at several leaks which other companies and roofing companies, have not been able to properly diagnose or repair the issue. We found the issue was an underlying waterproofing paper behind their stucco that had failed in certain areas years ago.

We recommended using a process where we open up the wall and reseal the inside of the wall. Then using a combination of different sealers and coatings on the outside of the wall so you wouldn’t have to completely re-stucco.

We did these procedures, fixed the wall, water tested and checked the entire area.

The home is now solid, sealed, waterproof and water wise.


I can heartily recommend Cam and his team for water remediation work as was recently required for the sale of my condo. He initially investigated the property, pointed out the various areas where remediation was needed and submitted a report detailing the work phases and associated costs. I moved forward on this basis and found Cam accomplishing his tasks on time and in an excellent complete, manner and within his cost estimates. I couldn’t ask for better results.

Norm A.Pacific Palisades, CA


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