Fire can strike anywhere. You do not need to have a first-hand experience with fire damage to fully appreciate that you need to be ready for it.

Home fires can range from small electrical fires to those that can burn down the entire structure. But even small fires, which only affect a small portion of a house, can cause significant damage. Restoring the damage that fire and smoke can cause is no easy task and that is our field of expertise.

Smoke And Fire Damage


Smoke and fire damage can affect a larger area than what is visible. That is the reason why you need experts such as Absolute Maintenance and Consulting to check your property after a fire. We can assess the real extent of the damage and give you recommendations on what can be done to deal with it.

Smoke And Fire Damage

What To Do After A Fire

Should you experience a fire in your home in Los Angeles, the best thing to do is to call us immediately. Do not try to clean or even touch the affected area, as that can make things worse and cause the cost of fire damage restoration to go up.

Our technicians at Absolute Maintenance and Consulting in Los Angeles have over 30 years of experience. They are trained to evaluate the extent of the damage caused to your home in Los Angeles and give you honest and informed recommendations on what you can do.

Professional Inspection

Property loss and damage can be caused by a lot of factors during a fire. The fire, heat, and smoke can all cause direct damage while the water and moisture coming from sprinklers/hoses and chemicals from extinguishers can also wreak havoc on property.

Our experts can check on the kind of damage sustained in your home. They will give detailed recommendations after their inspection, which will include even the kinds of materials that can be used for the fire damage restoration. The recommendations will be aimed at removing all traces of damage.

Call Today For Fire Damage Repair

We Use Green Materials To Combat Smoke And Fire Damage Repair

At Absolute Maintenance, we use CleanSeal products to treat fire damages. CleanSeal products are 100% green, which means they’re not harmful to you, your family, your pets, and the environment.

These products are used for fire restoration, treat smoke damage, and remove mold, which can be caused by moisture trapped from sprinklers and hoses.

After we remove debris from the house, we start the fire restoration by applying a pretreatment to all infected areas. This pretreatment disinfects the affected areas including furnishings, walls, air ducts, vents, carpet, crawlspaces, and others. It even works to remove things like secondhand smoke.

Then, we apply CleanSeal’s EP Clear Treatment, which locks in what has been disinfected; this can prepare any surface that needs repainting.

After only 30 minutes of drying, you can visibly see how CleanSeal EP Clear Treatment cures and fully treats the affected areas. It even removes discoloration from water damage and mold.


Dealing With Bad Smell

There are few things that are worse than smoke odor. That is why we use an ozone treatment as part of our fire restoration, to fully remove any lingering fire and smoke smell. Our process neutralizes, treats, and removes any scent hanging in the air, thus leaving you with pure, clean, air.

On Hidden Smoke Damage

Smoke behavior can vary which can cause damage in unseen spaces. Hot smoke rises and can cause considerable damage to attics, crawlspaces and can even travel through plumbing systems damaging and leaving a pungent stench in its wake.

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