Do You Need Weatherproofing?

You would think living in sunny Pasadena weather wouldn’t be an issue for your home. You moved to Pasadena for the awesome climate. So why are you concerned with weatherproofing? What does weatherproofing even mean? This is California; the weather is the same all year right?

What Is Weatherproofing?

Weatherproofing is all about setting your home up with the tools to combat the shifts in climate. Just because you’re in Pasadena doesn’t mean the environment changes don’t impact your home. The weather does affect your home and in some cases a lot worse than other places in the world because shifts in weather can be so extreme. Sadly, most times homes aren’t prepared.

Do You Need Weatherproofing?

Does My Pasadena Home Need Weatherproofing?​

The simple answer is yes.

A house that isn’t weatherproofed will consume more energy resulting in a higher monthly bill. As you continue to consume energy, these costs will only rise. By weatherproofing your home you not only save money but are providing your home with the tools to withstand any shift in climate. Trust us, Absolute Maintenance and Consulting has been weatherproofing homes for over 30 years. We know how to handle any type of weather.

Do You Have A Water Leak In Your Home?

Case Study: Pasadena, Mar. 2013

We were called in to do an investigation into what needed to be done to update and weatherproof a client’s home in Pasadena, California.

The client, Manny, had known he had had some issues in the past. He had other companies come in and try to resolve the problem but each time there was no change in his property.

We came in and did an extensive investigation for over a period of an hour and a half and consulted with him using an infrared FLIR B camera.

During our investigation we found issues with moisture and air penetrating around the seals on the outside of the windows between the stucco and other buildings materials. Additionally, Manny had balconies where the railings met the walls lacked proper sealant.

It was our opinion improper sealants were used. A lot of times, we find in these situations the painter comes in and use simple, cheap inexpensive painters caulk to caulk, and then paints over it.

In today’s weather conditions, with extreme heat, cold, moisture present, and the ultraviolet UV sun wreaks havoc on these sealants and they don’t last much more than a few months.

That’s why we only use GE high-performance adhesives. Many of them today are paintable. Combined with our four-part system we use in weatherproofing areas success was on the horizon.

We proposed a plan of action for Manny’s home. We went and implemented the plan of action by removing the old sealants, installing the new ones, giving him a warranty, and peace of mind in making his home water wise proofed.


They did good work. Absolute Consulting did some mold remediation, installed vents, and repaired some drywall and repainted part of my garage. They outlined everything clearly, said what they needed to do. They completed what they said they were going to do.

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