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Mold Removal & Water Damage Services Absolute Maintenance & Consulting logo green Serv-Pro Other
Maintenance Programs Yes no no
Micro Certified Technicians Yes no no
Free Service Call With Repair Yes no no
Extended Warranty and Guarantee Yes no no
100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee Yes no no
35+ Years Of Experience In The Industry Yes no no
Leading Service Provider from Angie’s List Yes no no
Southern California Quality Installation & Maintenance Program Yes no no
Cross Trained In Thermography Using FLRB Cams Yes no no
Each Technician is Certified In: Water Intrusion, Leak Detection, INvestigation, Thermography, Infrared Cameras, Water Damage, Mold, Waterproofing, and Weatherproofing Yes no no
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Water Damage Repair & Restoration

Odor Removal Los Angeles Water will get into your home any way possible. At AMC, we are committed to providing easy and hassle-free care so that your home is healed as quickly as possible.

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Mold Removal & Remediation

Water Damage Los AngelesMold issues can be smelly and unsightly. We come MICRO-certified and ready to rid your home of mold-related problems today.

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Waterproofing & Weatherization

Odor Removal Los Angeles At AMC, we have never encountered a problem we couldn’t solve. Our experience and expertise will be working for you to help find and solve any and all leak problems in your home.

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When you have a water-related issue in the home, you need someone with special training in waterproofing, leak detection, and water damaged remediation. We’ll solve your problems fast and leave your home looking better than it was when we started.

To cut a long story short, a thermal imaging camera operator (also known as a “thermograph”) can save you money and in many cases, BIG money. The main benefit to infrared imaging is that it’s a fast way to see potential areas of leaks and heat loss behind walls that your standard home inspector simply will not see.

  • Leak Detection, Consulting, and Repair
  • Water Damage Removal and Cleanup
  • Mold Inspection and Remediation
  • Window, Door and Stucco Weatherproofing and Leak Repair
  • Bathroom Weatherproofing and Leak Repair
  • Roof Weatherproofing and Leak Repair
  • HVAC, Attic, Crawl, and Basement Space Disinfecting and Leak Repair

To make sure you know exactly how your problem is being solved; we provide full and detailed reports, with a comprehensive explanation and a phase-by-phase overview of your homes waterproofing solution. This gives you a complete step-by-step roadmap to how your problem will be solved, and the pricing that works for you.

Leak Mold Repair Review

Need reassurance? Have a look at our testimonials! People just like you have had water leak issues solved by Absolute Consulting and want to spread the word.

All of our reviews on the web are genuine. Our integrity is something we stand by. Rest assured we guarantee a full and detailed solution to your problem. We only work on a handful of jobs each week so we can effectively manage each project in a way that allows us to complete your water damage and leak detection solution in a timely manner.

Interaction with you is one of the highlights of our mission statement, and this is how you get exactly what you need from us when you’ve got a water damage or mold removal issue threatening your family’s health.

In other words, your project is number one until it’s done.


At Absolute Consulting we get it right the first time.


As a Los Angeles County-based company, one of the essentials revelation’s behind Absolute Maintenance and Consulting configures an innovative perspective in supplying attentive diligence for our clientele.


Our company branches out to conduct Water Damage Repairs, Los Angeles Leak Detections, Waterproofing in Los Angeles, and Los Angeles Mold Removal. Compared to our other competitors our Los Angeles Mold Removal and Water Damage Repair services include maintenance programs, micro certified technicians, free services call with repair, extended warranty and guarantee, 100 percent money back satisfaction guarantee, as well as 35 years plus of experience in the Industry, leading service provider from Angie’s List, Southern California Quality Installation and Maintenance Programs, crossed trained experts in Thermography by using FLIR cameras, and foremost, each technician is certified in: Water Intrusion, Los Angeles Leak Detections, Investigations, Thermography, Infrared Cameras, Water Damage Repairs, Los Angeles Mold Removal, Waterproofing in Los Angeles, and Weatherproofing.

Equally important in supplying the right technology for your inspection, an infrared thermal imaging camera will examine your windows, roofs, decks, stucco, concrete, basements and etc., in discovering the very thing that may be lurking in your household, mold for instance.

The very thing that may harm you and your family. In addition, this life-saving technology exposes the underlying issues that causes discomfort and mischief. Nevertheless, the company’s mission is to provide a safety net for the foundations in a homeowner’s life, which includes their family, property, and health by using a Concrobium’s EPA-approved, eco-friendly product to regulate mold control.

At Absolute Maintenance, we are environmentally improving as well, by using organic and natural products, because our company predominantly focuses on eco-friendly solutions to refine the preservation of our planet, home, and families. Correspondingly, our considerable experience means we have the “know how” attitude in solving anything our clientele brings to the table. We are a dedicated company in handling situations.

Here at Absolute, we like to fix the problem and we also like to leave the home better than they were when we found it. We’ll repair your property in a matter of days, making sure your home is outfitted with the protection and safety you and your family deserves. Once we have solved your problem, our expert Home Beautification Teams will make sure that your home is sealed up correctly and looking stunning, perhaps even more than when we started

We are the leaders in Los Angeles Mold Removal, Waterproofing in Los Angeles and Weatherproofing repair, including window, roof, deck, stucco, and foundation leaks. We help you create permanent solutions to your issues and offer property inspections with full detailed reports.

We’ve literally never met a problem we couldn’t solve. When there’s a problem in your home, we understand you need it fixed. We not only investigate and resolve the issue at hand, but we execute the matter of contention with confidence and assurance in illuminating our promise for our customers, because they always come first.



Exclusive licensed user of Concrobium's revolutionary Mold Control products.


Absolute Maintenance is a USA ECO-Friendly company. We use chemical free mold spraying and all natural, non-toxic products that deodorize, sanitize and sterilize the environment, backed by a "written" Lifetime Warranty.


Absolute Maintenance received super service award for achieving and maintaining a superior service rating on Angie's list throughout 2015.


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