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No Other Company Brings All The Elements Into Play In One Place. We Seal Everything, And We Mean Everything!

Over 30 years of keeping your family and your home safe from mold and water leak issues.

35 Years Experience

Over 30 years of keeping your family and your home safe from mold and water leak issues.

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Top Services In Los Angeles

Leak Detection

Infrared experts in residential and commercial leak detection.

Mold Removal Remediation

Mold Removal Remediation

As mold removal Los Angeles professionals, we understand your situation.

Waterproofing Weatherization

We are ready to respond to your water damage or flood emergency.

Fire Damage Restoration

We use only the most advanced technology to ensure prompt and comprehensive fire damage restoration service.

Smoke Water Damage From Fires

Smoke damage can spread to a much larger area than what’s visible and seep into concealed areas.

Mold Inspections

When mold attacks, we fight back with green products!

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Los Angeles

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Our Extensive Experience Ensures Quality Service – No Matter The Size.

Our considerable experience means we have the know-how to solve any problem — no matter the size. We’ve been providing Los Angeles and Orange County with premier service.

We proudly serve the following LA/Orange County cities: Aliso Viejo, Beverly Hills, Culver City, Hollywood, Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Redondo Beach, and Santa Monica.

When it comes to leak detection, waterproofing, water damage repair, mold testing, sealing, resurfacing, home restoration, and a variety of other water-damage related issues, Absolute Maintenance has been taking care of business for over 30 Years.

From south Orange County to the Valley to Los Angeles and everywhere in between — our professionals are here for you!

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Give The Best Service & Scale Up Our Branch Office Work

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We’ve never met a problem we couldn’t solve.

Our Team Of Experts

Our service team is ready to be dispatched at any time.

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Over 30 years of experience in the industry.

Our Team of Experts

The Benefits Of Thermal Imaging Inspection

Are you having water-related issues in your home? You need someone trained in water intrusion, waterproofing, as well as finding and fixing leaks. These leak specialists are sometimes called repair artists or a home doctor. Our trained specialists use thermal imaging cameras, known as thermography, to save you time and money.

The benefits of thermography are extremely accurate leak detection — also known as water intrusion investigation — from any of the outside walls, roofs, flashings, windows, doors, to the property’s foundation. Moreover, thermography finds where leaks are getting in. We can then have a specification or protocol for your repair.

We specialize in the following: leak detection and repair, consulting and repair, water damage removal, dry-out and cleanup, mold inspections and remediation, window, door, and stucco waterproofing. We put our best foot forward — to solve the problem the first time. We provide a phase-by-phase overview of our solutions. Our overview includes full detailed reports and specifications with comprehensive explanations of what your home may need and all solutions available to you.

At Absolute Maintenance & Consulting, we make sure you have a complete roadmap of how the problem can be solved and pricing options that work for you.

Mold Removal Remediation

Our Team Of Experts

Our service team is ready to be dispatched at any time. When you call Absolute Maintenance & Consulting, the leak stops there.

Our Business Launched 30 Years Ago & We Have Won Numerous Achievements Since

From south Orange County to the Valley to Los Angeles and everywhere in between — our professionals are here for you! Our considerable experience means we have the know-how to solve any problem — no matter the size. We’ve been providing Los Angeles and Orange County with premier service.

Our overview includes full detailed reports and specifications with comprehensive explanations of what your home may need and all solutions available to you.

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The Great Value Of Our Company

Absolute Maintenance & Consulting provides exceptional services in leak detection, waterproofing, mold removal, and more!

Mold Remediation And Leak Detection Experts

Over 30 Years of experience in the industry, defending families, homes, and businesses.

Quality Guaranteed

We complete each project thoroughly and efficiently. Never cutting corners, always providing peace of mind.

Clean & Reliable

Our technicians are uniformed professionals who leave no mess. We are respectful of your home and business.

Experience & Longevity

We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transform in 2022.

Customer Review

See What The Customers Have To Say About Absolute Maintenance & Consulting’s Services

They definitely exceeded all expectations. Multiple issues came up and they rolled with the punches. Brittnee out of the office is so sweet and always willing to help. Cameron provided probably the best customer service I've ever received. Despite all the hiccups he had to deal with, he remained professional and was constantly willing to go above and beyond to make us incredibly happy. He was very thorough with explaining all the work that needed to be done and somethings he had to explain again and again so we understood and he was always happy to do so. Cameron is a true professional and I can tell he really enjoys helping people. Jaime was awesome. He and his crew got stuff done on time. If anything came up, he'd call me if necessary or call Cameron. The company as a whole is a well oiled machine and they all work together so well. You guys really did us a favor and we are very thankful for that.

happy customer after leak damage restoration los angeles service

Brandon Peters

2 months ago

They did a great job fixing a large area of my condo that had a mold, dry rot problem. They sealed windows that were leaking and identified the places in the roof that were causing the problem. The most amazing part of this work is how they made the place seem new and better when they were done. They got paint to match the original decor. They also kept me appraised of any changes to cost and provided me with lots of photos so I could know what was happening.

LA mold inspection expert employee

Beth Lazazzera

3 Months Ago

I hired Absolute Maintenance and Consulting to waterproof my house. I got a referral from a neighbor who used them last year and was happy. Now I understand why! They did a great job. I felt great about their work and knew I'd hired the right company. They were in and out in a flash but provided me with great work.

los angeles mold experts logo

Pearl Hurley

9 Months Ago

Absolute Maintenance and Consulting are true professionals. They use modern tools and technology and offer superb service. I'm pretty particular about who I allow into my house. But Cameron and his crew were respectful of my space, keeping it clean and quick. They got the job done right the first time.

employee of mold inspection company

Jhon Marco

9 months ago

I recently had a mold situation in my apartment and my building went the handyman route instead of hiring a professional company, so I wanted a second opinion from someone I felt like I could trust. I have a toddler and I'm pregnant, so I was kinda freaking out that I was breathing in mold, so they sent us to a hotel. I told them that I didn't want to go back until I had a third party look at the test results and confirm that it was safe to do so.

That's when I went on the hunt for a company I could trust. I reached out to Absolute and immediately Brittany responded, answered some of my questions and told me it would be a 24-48 hour turnaround for their response once I sent them the reports.

We finally got the results and we were cleared to go back. I sent them that night to Brittany, so she could verify for us and Cam responded the next morning with a very thoughtful, educational and sweet email. I asked some follow up questions and he again, immediately responded.

One of the last lines of his email read:

"In this business, it is a family owned business, so we treat everyone as if they are our family. If not, at least a close family friend."

I couldn't agree more!

They made me feel safe to go back and because they were so quick, it was a smooth process of us going back without having to wait in a hotel while they took time to respond.

Thanks so much, Brittany and Cam!

home water damage restoration expert

Kim Hoyt

a year ago

I recommend this company to anyone seeking professional waterproofing for my Los Angeles offices. Cameron did a great job explaining things to me and they came to my appointment on-time. They cleaned up their mess and made sure that I was happy as well. Call them if you need any waterproofing service! You won't regret it.

employee of rain leak detection company

Raul H Quinones

9 months ago

Absolute Maintenance and Consulting did a great job removing mold from my bathroom. Professional. Eager. Enthusiast. Thorough. My list of qualities that represent this company can go on and on. I don't usually leave reviews, but these guys really made an impression on me. Cannot thank them enough.

rain leak damage restoration employee

Jack Clismo

9 months ago

Am totally impressed with Absolute Maintenance and Consulting. Cameron is the only Los Angeles mold inspector I trust. He explained the process to me, informed me of the results, and really went the extra mile to remove the mold from my home. He was professional and a true industry expert who takes pride in his work -and it shows. Talk to Cameron when you call. Great company/work.

window leak los angeles repair employee

Kevin David

10 months ago

I thought I had a mold problem that I only realized on Sunday. I gave Absolute a call that same day and they called back within minutes. They also continued to follow up with suggestions and recommendations. However, the most important factor was that they were extremely kind, concerned with my issues and resolving them, and very professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone! It is important to keep family businesses alive and well, especially those that see value in your service. Use Absolute Maintenance!

rain leak detection company employee

Rachel Banks

10 months ago

It's very rare to find such an honest business. I filled a contact form because I suspected that my condo had mold. I was contacted by the business owner in a very timely manner and he took the time to talk to me about the situation. He then recommended a different company that he thought would be more suitable for my specific needs (someone to do an inspection rather than a treatment). A very sweet man who is very generous with his time and information. I hope to never have to deal with a mold problem, but if I did, I would only work with this company.

happy customer after water leak repair LA service

Maya Saad

a year ago

An inspection of my new home revealed some mold in the crawlspace underneath the structure - Absolute Maintenance was able to send someone out to perform an inspection and provide a quote quickly. Their team was very communicative in setting up a start date, and were able to get to work first thing each morning to keep the project moving forward. Once the work was completed, they were helpful in giving me advice on how to keep moisture out of the crawlspace, things to look out for, etc. Would highly recommend them for mold remediation and other associated projects!

happy customer after mold removal studio city service

Mike Hu

a year ago

I was astonished to discover the amount of damage caused by a recent mold problem. I called Absolute Maintenance for LA mold repair service and talked to Cameron who assured me they would help me out. They responded to my needs quickly and made the repairs just as fast. The guys cleaned up the area before they left. Excellent service and company.

logo of los angeles mold experts

Edson Mex

10 months ago

My neighbor referred me to this Los Angeles mold remediation company, and I am thankful to him. This company was amazing. They understood my concerns about mold and came to the house fast. The mold is gone, the smell is gone, and my stress Is gone, all thanks to Absolute Maintenance and Consulting.

fix home leaks los angeles beach house

Kristen Cummins

10 months ago

I cannot say enough good things about Cam and his absolute maintenance team. We live in a newly built home and our builder didn't properly seal the house and we had water damage throughout our home. Absolute maintenance has saved us twice. I first found cam through Yelp. Read every review and called his company and spoke with Brittney who was so kind and walked me through the whole process. Cam, the owner of absolute maintenance, called me and addressed all my concerns, was able to identify all the water damage issues through pictures alone. Cams team was incredibly professional and safe. They wore masks 100% of the time. Finished the job in a timely manner and walked me through everything.

We had another leak thanks to our builder doing a shotty job. Unfortunately our leak happened in the midst of my fiancé and I sick with Covid. Cam created a protocol for his employees to operate safely in our home and still be able to fix our leak. Absolute maintenance employees set up decontainment zones, wore hazmats suits, respirators and spent a week fixing our problem. Cam kept us updated daily and the job was done incredibly well. No other company would dare step foot in a home with people with Covid and cam showed up and made it happen. Once the job was done and we recovered from Covid, Cam's team showed up to industrially clean our home to rid any surfaces of Covid. We are eternally grateful. Cam and absolute maintenance are professional, reasonably priced and responsive. We will never use another company.

los angeles mold prevention service employee

Gavi Applebam

7 months ago

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FAQs About Our Services

  • After we are given a positive mold test by a separate, independent testing company, these are done on our behalf for the owner, or the owner has performed an inspection.
  • First, we determine as much as possible the extent of the mold and then the cause of mold, which may be from window leaks, stucco waterproofing, a leaky pipe in the wall, or any exterior or interior water issues.
  • Whatever those issues are, we have the technology to be able to determine the extent of the damage and the remediation process, which we call a protocol.
  • We determine that there is mold.  Otherwise, open drywall.  We remove the water damage and the mold.
  • After removing the mold damage, we do mold remediation.  Remediate and clean the mold while everything is open and clean.  We can then do whatever testing there is that we need.
  • Testing includes water testing for the plumbing, which we either handle or work with a plumber to handle, and then the plumber does the repair.
  • Or, if it’s a waterproofing issue, we can do water testing on the exterior and envelope for the building and find out where the water intrusion it comes from.

While we do not handle plumbing issues, we can refer you to a great plumber. Once the plumbing issue is fixed, we can continue with our mold remediation process.

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