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We specialize in using infrared thermal imaging technology:

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Windows, Roof, Deck, Stucco Foundation, Concrete, Basement

Whatever the leak, our Thermal Scan will X-ray and find the interior wall moisture leak.

los angeles mold servicesLeaks and intrusions are the causes of mold, water damage, mildew, odors, condensation inside of walls, damaged building materials, and a HOST of other problems and issues that can plague a home and create a nightmare for its owner.

At Absolute Maintenance and Consulting, we’re the best leak-hunters in the business. Whether you think you’ve got a plumbing leak or you’re just not sure, we can find it, isolate the problem, and make sure you’re protected so that nothing comes up in the future. With 30 Years of combined experience, our team of experts is prepared to find, seal, and completely resolve any leaks, intrusions, or unwanted moisture that you might have coming into your home. We’ve never met a problem we couldn’t solve, never been told of a leak we couldn’t find.

Water Damage is caused by water entering the home where it doesn’t belong. It can be caused by broken or leaky plumbing, leaky roofs, windows, failed or faulty waterproofing, or any combination of these factors. With water damage, the problem can be slow and minor — like the sudden appearance of water spots — or it can be instantaneous and catastrophic, like flooding. However quickly your water damage occurs, we understand that it’s a problem that needs to be resolved QUICKLY, in order to avoid additional issues like mold and mildew.
At Absolute Maintenance, water damage just so happens to be our specialty. We have over 30 Years‘ experience in the industry, and have yet to come across a situation in which we were unable to leave the home in better condition than it was in when we found it.

Serving the busy professional, we are expert consultants when it comes to property water damage repair, mold remediation, and waterproofing. Thorough inspections and full, detailed reports will help us work with you to design a permanent solution to any problems you might find in your home. Our services are guaranteed not only to help eliminate current problems, but also to ensure that additional ones don’t surprise you in the future.

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Waterproofing is the treatment of a surface to prevent water from being absorbed into it. Waterproofing, of course, is at the cornerstone of water damage and mold protection, and when your home is properly waterproofed, you stand at the risk of being invaded by a host of water damage-related problems — everything from leaks and intrusions to mold and mildew.

When we waterproof a building, we do so from the inside out, installing chemicals and membranes that protect the building materials at their core from any water that might try to invade.

At Absolute Maintenance, we use a wide arsenal of methods and techniques to combat any kind of water damage that might have sneaked its way into your home. We are guarantee to seal any surface, even when others can’t. We are certified experts and can install a variety of different products, based on whatever your needs are. We design specifically engineered and unique waterproofing solutions for the entire home — from the roof to the slabs!


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Aside from being smelly and unsightly, mold can be dangerous to your health and can grow on hidden surfaces. The back of wallpaper, drywall, paneling, tops of ceiling tiles, the underside of carpets, padding, floor tiles, and linoleum — the list goes on, and each and every one of these is prime real-estate for mold that wants to grow inside your home.

In the home, rain-related water leaks are the number one cause of mold and mildew. These dangerous after-effects of water damage can eat away at building materials and cause serious structural damage to the home, in addition to filling the air with dangerous and toxic spores that can make the family ill.

At Absolute Maintenance, our extensive experience in the field of water damage and mold removal means that we have the tools and experience to make sure that your home and family are safe from mold. We are experts and finding and fixing those tough problems that stump others — when the going gets tough, call Absolute Maintenance. We know what it takes to keep your home protected and your family safe.

When discussing mold problems, it is essential to understand the parts of your life affected. The first aspect is the health of yourself and your family. The second aspect is the physical structure of your home, especially walls and floors.

Undoubtedly, both these things matter deeply to you. The good news is, if the mold in your home is detected early, a remediation company can fix the problem with ease.

It is worth noting that mold can grow just about anywhere. However, some environments are more prone than others. Some more prone environments include leaky roofs, areas with standing water, ventilation systems, and any other warm, humid or moist environment. Therefore if you’re in LA, it would be best to seek Los Angeles mold removal services as soon as you suspect mold growing in your home.

In most cases, you can easily recognize a mold infestation on your own, usually through visual evaluation or a sniff test. That means you don’t need to spend extra money on a mold inspection.

When you seek mold remediation service early enough, you save money and the property. For instance, if the mold infestation is subtle, mold remediation companies can reeking mold removal services in Los Angeles, the mold could spread to other structures, such as foundation walls, a situation that might involve an expensive demolition and reconstruction project.

Quality Los Angeles Mold Removal Services

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Once you have sought LA mold removal services, it is time to prepare the area that needs mold remediation treatment. The first thing you need to do before the technicians get to business is removing belongings from that area to prevent further spread of the spores onto them. If removing the items is not a viable option, consider covering them with a sheet.

Although mold damage situations vary greatly, the mold remediation process is more or less the same. You cannot do much during the remediation process since you might not even stay in your Los Angeles home. The reason being, there is a risk of breathing in spores. Part of the procedure is repairing the drainage system to prevent the growth of new mold spores. Ideally, the LA mold removal service uses special equipment, such as a sump pump for water extraction.

Once the water removal and water damage repair is over, all mold-covered belongings have to be cleaned. Otherwise, they would reinfect your home, forcing you to seek Los Angeles mold services all over again. In some cases, however, no amount of cleaning would be enough depending on the nature of the item. For instance, mold can easily find its way into a carpet. In such a situation, the best course of action would be discarding the item.

You might be curious to know how long LA mold removal services would take. It depends on several factors:

  • How much mold is present
  • The extent of water damage
  • Where the mold is growing

You can talk to us, your LA mold services provider, for an approximate time frame. In most cases, the mold removal service in Los Angeles can take anywhere between 1 to 5 days.

To ensure that the mold doesn’t grow back in your LA home, you want to get the best mold removal service in Los Angeles. While evaluating the quality of LA mold services, consider factors such as the individual qualifications of each technician.

Are you looking for the best mold removal service in Los Angeles? Give us a call today for state-of-the-art Los Angeles mold services and excellent customer service.

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