Drywall, odors, mildews dry rot, indoor, outdoor, full and complete remediation services. We offer eco-friendly disposal, remodel, & rebuild services.

Water damage and flood damage can be caused by broken or cracked plumbing, leaky roofs, windows, failed or faulty waterproofing, or any combination of these factors. Let us get down to the problem by calling us today. We can come out to your North Hollywood home and give you a quote.

With water damage, the problem can be slow and minor — like the sudden appearance of water spots — or it can be instantaneous and catastrophic, like flooding. When your water damage occurs, whether quickly or slowly, we understand that it’s a problem that needs to be resolved fast, in order to avoid additional issues like mold and mildew.

At Absolute Maintenance and Consulting, water damage, flood damage, and water restoration just so happens to be our specialty serving all of Studio City. We have over 30 Years experience in the water damage and restoration industry servicing all of Studio City and North Hollywood areas and have yet to come across a situation in which we were unable to leave the home in better condition than it was in when we found it.

Serving the busy professional in Studio City, we are expert water damage and water restoration consultants in Studio City when it comes to property water damage, repair, mold remediation, water damage clean up, flood damage clean up and waterproofing. Through inspections and full, detailed reports will help us work with you to design a permanent solution to any water damage clean up. Our water restoration services are guaranteed not only to help eliminate current problems, but also to ensure that additional ones don’t surprise you in the future.

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