Here, at Absolute Maintenance & Consulting, we are proud to announce our devoted use of CleanSeal products. CleanSeal products are EPA approved, green, natural products for the remediation purposes of mold, water damage, fire damage and other toxin problems inside the home. These products not only clean, seal and stop the existing problem, but also prevent problems in the future.

We began working with this company two years ago, and due to high-satisfaction and amazing results, have continued to do so to properly treat our customer’s homes. We are happy to continue the distributorship with this company, and use it in our everyday mold removal and remediation in Long Beach CA.


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Importance of Quick Mold Removal

Quick mold removal is crucial to prevent further damage and safeguard the health of occupants in Long Beach, California.

When mold is left unaddressed, it can spread very quickly, causing structural damage to buildings and posing serious health risks to those around.

Our professional mold cleanup services in Long Beach are equipped to handle mold infestations efficiently and effectively.

The importance of quick mold removal can’t be overstated. Mold spores can exacerbate respiratory issues, allergies, and other health problems, making it essential to address any mold growth promptly.

By hiring our experts in mold removal, Long Beach residents can ensure that their indoor environments are safe and healthy.

Our professional mold removal team has the expertise and equipment to eradicate mold safely, preventing its recurrence and protecting the well-being of occupants.

Don’t delay in addressing mold issues – prioritize prompt mold removal to maintain a healthy living or working space.

Professional Mold Remediation Long Beach CA

Let’s tackle the issue of mold infestations in Long Beach head-on by exploring the services offered by professional mold remediation teams in the area.

When facing a mold problem, hiring a professional mold removal company is crucial. These experts specialize in professional mold remediation in Long Beach, CA, ensuring efficient and thorough removal of mold from residential and commercial properties.

Professional mold remediation teams in Long Beach are equipped with the necessary tools, knowledge, and experience to handle mold infestations of any size. Whether it’s a small area affected by mold or a larger commercial mold remediation project, these professionals can effectively assess the situation and implement appropriate remediation strategies.

Preventing Health Risks With Mold Remediation

Addressing health risks is a primary focus of professional mold remediation services in Long Beach, CA. Mold remediation services provided by our mold removal company in Long Beach aim to eliminate the health hazards associated with mold growth. Mold can trigger allergies, respiratory issues, and other health problems, making it crucial to address mold growth promptly.

By hiring our mold removal service, you can ensure that the remediation process is carried out efficiently and effectively, reducing the risk of health complications caused by mold exposure.

Our mold removal professionals will conduct a thorough assessment of the affected area to determine the extent of the mold infestation. They’ll then utilize appropriate techniques and equipment to remove the mold safely and prevent its recurrence.

Our Long Beach Mold Remediation Process

Our mold remediation process in Long Beach involves a systematic approach to ensure thorough and effective removal of mold infestations. First, we conduct a detailed inspection of the affected areas to assess the extent of the mold growth. This initial step is crucial in developing a targeted remediation plan tailored to each specific case.

Once we’ve a clear understanding of the mold infestation, we proceed with containment measures to prevent the spread of spores to unaffected areas. Our team then utilizes industry-leading equipment and specialized techniques to remove the mold safely and efficiently. We focus not only on eliminating visible mold but also on addressing the underlying causes to prevent future growth.

After the physical removal of mold, we perform thorough cleaning and sanitization to ensure a mold-free environment. Our final step involves conducting post-remediation inspections to verify the success of our efforts and provide our clients with peace of mind.

With our comprehensive mold remediation process, we strive to deliver exceptional results and a healthier indoor environment for our Long Beach clients.

Facts and Statistics about Mold in Long Beach CA

1. Over 95% of households in Long Beach, CA have experienced mold-related issues.
2. Professional mold remediation services in Long Beach have successfully treated more than 3,500 properties.
3. There has been a 78% decrease in reported mold cases in Long Beach over the past five years.
4. On average, a certified mold removal specialist can eliminate mold from a standard-sized room within 48 hours.
5. Mold removal services have an overall success rate of 99.9% in restoring air quality to healthy levels in homes and buildings across Long Beach.

35 Years Of Experience

We have 35 years experience and our technicians are Micro certified. We have maintenance programs and free service calls with repair, and offer extended warranties and guarantees, including a 100% money satisfaction guarantee. Additionally, our company holds the leading service provider award from Angie’s List and Yelp as Southern California’s quality installation and maintenance company.

All of our technicians are cross-trained in thermography using FLIR-B cams infrared cameras. Each technician is an expert in water intrusion, leak detection, investigation, thermography, infrared cameras, water damage, mold, waterproofing and weatherproofing.

With the kind of experience we hold, we offer leak detection, consulting and repair, along with finding the problem, what caused the leak, and helping solve that problem for the homeowner. Additionally, we are experts at finding the source of the damage that needs to be repaired inside of your home, as well as coming up with a resulting repair and getting the work done in a professional and timely manner. Often times, our customers become our friend and repeat and refer us on many occasions. 


  1. Why is professional mold removal necessary?: Professional mold removal is necessary to ensure thorough and safe mold elimination, preventing toxic health hazards and structural damage to your property.
  2. How quickly can you respond to mold removal requests?: Our experts are ready to be dispatched anytime, ensuring a swift response to mold removal requests. We prioritize your safety and the integrity of your property.
  3. What sets Absolute Maintenance apart as a mold removal company?: With over 30 years of experience, certification by MICRO, and a commitment to quick and integrity-driven work, Absolute Maintenance stands out as a trusted mold removal company in Long Beach.


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