We specialize in infrared thermal imaging technology! Windows, Roof, Deck, Stucco, Foundation, Concrete, Basement, whatever the leak, our Thermal Scan will X-ray and find the interior wall moisture.

When it comes to water leak detecting, the Absolute Maintenance and Consulting team is the go-to leak-detectors in the business servicing the Studio City and North Hollywood areas. We’ve been doing this for over thirty years, and we’re the best around. Nobody has more comprehensive experience at leak detecting services.

And we’ve never come across a job we couldn’t handle. Our extensive track record of references and experiences will speak to that fact. Whether you’ve got leaks in your roof, bathroom, windows, tile, grout, caulking, you name it — we can figure it out and fix it right away!

We use the latest FLIR infrared thermal imaging cameras to match our experience to give you the best and most accurate leak detection and water intrusion issues in the business.

With Absolute Maintenance and Consulting, the Studio City customers come first, and we won’t rest until you’re satisfied and your leak issues are solved.

WE GUARANTEE TO solve your leaks the FIRST TIME.


We’ll save you time and money giving you a detailed description of our leak detection services and repair process. Not only can we can find and fix any water leak or intrusion in your building, but we will waterproof, weatherize, winterize, and completely protect your building from any issues in the future, making sure you and your family are safe from these any sort of water intrusion.

We specialize in infrared thermal imaging technology! Windows, Roof, Deck, Stucco, Foundation, Concrete, Basement, whatever the leak, our Thermal Scan will X-ray and find the interior wall moisture.

Where Do Leaks Occur And How We Fix Them

When it comes to waterproofing and weatherizing the outside of your home, specifically in areas where roof meets chimney, sheet metal meets stucco, window meets stucco, and frame meets cement — any place where two different materials meet each other will be a prime area for leaks.

We’ve developed an exclusive process over the course of our three-plus decades of experience to make sure you’re completely safe and protected!

Where Do Leaks Occur And How We Fix Them

Our Process

We open up the joint between the materials and fill it with 100% silicone-based material; these new technologies dry within 30 to 45 minutes staying flexible within the joint to give you a strong internal seal for years to come.

We install a bridge coating between the two materials and stucco leak detection. This quality of the coating is usually used on roofs all over the world. It’s not only waterproof but is also resistant to the ultraviolet rays of the sun and is extremely flexible.

The 3rd step is an elastomer / flexible paint that will match your home and give you a third layer of protection. Typically, this material is the only protective layer installed and this is completely inadequate.

Once we’ve installed the first three layers, we coat the same joint/area once more with a clear, high-performance, UV and freeze-resistant waterproofing sealant. We prefer a 100% silicone product made by GE.

Do You Have A Water Leak In Your Studio City Home?

In The End

As my mentor used to say: A little rubber band stretches a little way, and a thicker rubber band stretches a lot more.

This four-step process is like putting a bigger rubber band, or better said a rubber blanket, over the trouble spots in your home, giving you all the flexibility and protection you need to survive the harsh climates.

These give four coats of protection over an area giving what I like to call, a big rubber band that will flex internally and externally.

We like to call this bridging the crack, and it does so in a way that allows for movement in the building without ripping or cracking the seal apart.

Studio City Do You Have Window Or Roof Leaks?

We’re experts when it comes to repairing all sorts of leaks. We have been detecting leaks for over 30 years and we are the best in the business.

We’re thorough and will design specialized solutions to fix any leaky surfaces you might have around your house and make sure they DON’T COME BACK.

We can solve your problem quickly and efficiently.

Whether you have leaks coming from the inside or the outside, through stucco or wood — there’s no service we can’t repair or leak we can’t find and fix. We’ll get to the heart of the issue and resolve it with our specially-designed waterproofing membrane solutions ASAP.

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