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Absolute Maintenance & Consulting Offers The Leading Residential Waterproofing in Los Angeles

When Is Waterproofing Needed?

  • Is rainwater leaking in?
  • Can you see mold or mildew growing?
  • Is water leaking from pipes?
  • Do you want additional storage?
  • Are you looking to add a new common room?
  • Perhaps, you are you looking to build a basement addition?

Experience The Best Waterproofing For Foundation Waterproofing, Roof Waterproofing, Window Waterproofing, And More. We specialize in residential stucco waterproofing.

Additional Services in Los Angeles

Leak Detection

Water Damage Repair

Mold Inspections

Mold Removal & Remediation

Absolute Maintenance & Consulting Offers The Best Residential Waterproofing Services in Los Angeles

What We Can Waterproof In Your Los Angeles Home

  • Wall waterproofing
  • Window waterproofing
  • Foundation water proofing
  • Roof waterproofing
  • Stucco waterproofing

We make sure your home waterproofing service is long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing—let us inspect your home and find you the best design solution to keep water out.

Why Waterproofing Is Important.

The cost of repairing a foundation or wall damaged by water intrusion is much higher than the cost of waterproofing your walls, basement, crawlspaces, and other parts of your home that are particularly susceptible to water damage. Properly waterproofing a stucco house now could potentially save you thousands of dollars in repairs later.

Our Home Waterproofing Service Includes:

  • Expertise: Skilled waterproofing inspection that locates and identifies all leaks.
  • Estimates: Detailed written estimate for home waterproofing.
  • Guarantees: Protection from foundation leaks, moisture, and other water damage.
  • Warranties: Warranties for waterproofing projects.
  • Waterproofing: Licensed, certified waterproofing service technicians.

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Home Waterproofing in Los Angeles Protects Your Investment

With the many hills in Southern California, residential structures often suffer from water intrusion.

Foundation waterproofing, window waterproofing, and roof waterproofing begin with your exterior walls—make sure you go with waterproofing Los Angeles experts with residential waterproofing skills.

Home Waterproofing Benefits

By waterproofing stucco now, you can prevent foundation damage and spare yourself from grief and heavy expense later.

First, excavation of the dirt surrounding your rooms or structure will need to be done, and a waterproofing compound or membrane will be applied to the walls. Waterproofing protects your walls and critical surfaces against weather and water damage over time.

Second, drainage will then be installed, and the dirt put back in place. If this is not done by an experienced professional, sections could be missed, and water will still find its way back in.

  • Drainage Panels: Relieves foundation waterproofing pressure to below-grade foundations, basements, and crawl spaces.
  • Rain Runoff: Roof waterproofing gutters and downspouts can help you avoid hundreds of gallons of water saturating the soil against your foundation, creating foundation waterproofing pressure.
  • Waterproof Drains: Drainage panels installed over foundation waterproofing and footing profiles provide a protective barrier to the foundation waterproofing work.

Home Waterproofing Basics

Many different waterproofing stucco products falsely claim to provide home waterproofing—our licensed foundation waterproofing expertise guarantees we can adequately protect your Los Angeles home.

Exterior decks, green roofs, plaza decks, planters, and the entire building envelope weather barrier are areas we excel at in the installation of the most popular waterproofing products.

We have been at the forefront in the applications of the most technologically advanced below-grade waterproofing systems. The most state of the art equipment is being used in the installation of different home waterproofing systems. Our use of the latest technology enables fast and economical waterproofing methods.

Our earned reputation and years of experience in the field of residential waterproofing has made our consulting service very much in demand. We can provide the most up-to-date details, material specifications, and installation methods for all systems. Absolute Maintenance & Consulting offers waterproofing services that fully seal your Los Angeles home, while also looking fantastic.

Home Waterproofing FAQs

Waterproofing is essential because it prevents water damage and ensures a longer lifetime for the structure or surfaces being waterproofed.

Below are some answers to common home waterproofing FAQs:

Water can leak into your house from a variety of places, for instance, downspouts, gutters, leaking pipes, or improper grading around the foundation. If there is any sort of entryway for water to come into your basement, be sure that water will find it. While not all the entrances into your basement can be closed off, our waterproofing Los Angeles professionals can always find the best way to direct water damage away from your home. If you want to understand how water may be seeping into your structure, give our home waterproofing professionals a call—we will come to your home for a free, no-obligation evaluation and consultation.

If you are noticing water in your house, the first question you need to ask is, how is the water damage making its way inside in the first place? Are your house’s gutters, downspouts, and other drainage systems working effectively to divert water away from the home?Preventing water damage problems from downspouts, gutters, and other drainage systems, or even the grading of the soil around your foundation can help you avoid spending thousands of dollars. If neglected, your home’s water damage can cost thousands more later on for repairing unnecessary and unsightly damage from water damage or worse. Waterproofing Los Angeles your basement walls, exterior home waterproofing, installing powered pumps or a basement water pump, or installing interior French drains, are all recommended methods of ensuring your home is dry and clean.

Home waterproofing is more affordable than you may think. Moreover, waterproofing a faulty foundation from water damage is much cheaper than the cost of repairing the damages that can happen after you have experienced flood damage.It has been our experience that flood damage can be very costly because it can wind up causing damage to the entire structure. Our waterproofing Los Angeles professionals will work with you to understand your foundation waterproofing, roof waterproofing, window waterproofing, and more. We will figure out the best and most affordable waterproofing Los Angeles methods available for repairing your basement.

Most Southern Californians do not use their below-grade or basement rooms daily. This fact can make it rather tricky for a homeowner to tell if a basement needs repair (unless, of course, there are apparent problems). The difficulty is that by the time a homeowner spots water damage or flood damage problem, it may be too late for an inexpensive, quick fix. The best thing to do is to prevent water damage issues from happening in the first place with proper waterproofing Los Angeles services.Be proactive and check your basement or home’s foundation today. Have a good look around to see if you can spot any water damage issues. For instance, can you see any water or dampness where it should not be? Perhaps you need immediate waterproofing Los Angeles expertise. Or can you locate any leaking pipes, water seeping in from the walls or ceilings, a musty or bad smell? If you do, make sure to fix these issues immediately and call a home waterproofing company. If you do not find these types of problems, this does not mean that there you are free from water damage problems.Many waterproofing or water damage problems, especially when they first appear, are not always observable to homeowners. However, our waterproofing Los Angeles professionals are very experienced in spotting waterproofing issues and will be glad to come to your home for a free, no-obligation foundation waterproofing inspection. If you have a problem, we will be able to find the waterproofing issues and offer you the right mitigation strategies that can not only fix the problem today but help ensure you get the best waterproofing Los Angeles and don’t have future costly repairs.

Given the right soil conditions underneath your house, along with professional residential stucco waterproofing services, you can build a new addition that adds much-needed square footage and additional space to your home.

Our waterproofing Los Angeles specialists can help you do the job for a price you can afford. Moreover, doing so can add immediate value to your home.
For instance, if you have adequate yard space, then constructing a basement off to the side of the house will take care of your space needs, adding value to your property in the process.

In general, getting a below-grade room sealed is a quick and easy process. On average, sealing, for example, a basement will only take 1-3 days.
Our waterproofing Los Angeles professionals will seal your walls with an ultra-durable waterproofing polyethylene liner. Once your waterproof liner has been laid, we can also cover vents with doors and covers to complete the seal.

Why Absolute Consulting & Maintenance

At Absolute Maintenance & Consulting, we use a vast arsenal of techniques and methods to combat any kind of water damage that might have sneaked its way into your house.

We guarantee to waterproof and seal any surface, even when others cannot. We are certified waterproofing Los Angeles experts and can install a variety of different products, based on whatever your needs may be. We design specifically engineered and unique waterproofing Los Angeles solutions for the entire home—from your roof to the slabs.

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