Ideally you’re reading this to educate yourself on mold control and water damage. However, we both know the reality is most people reading this are victims of water and mold destruction and are looking for solutions. With 30 plus years in the business Absolute Maintenance and Consulting is all about bringing you results the first time around.

Does Your Beverly Hills Home Need Waterproofing?​

Most people give their home and office a quick once-over and think nothing is wrong with it. But water damage is sneaky. Odds are your home is the largest investment you will make in your lifetime.

Does Your Beverly Hills Home Need Waterproofing?​

If You Answer Yes To Any Of The Following Points Below, You Need Waterproofing:

  • If condensation appears on basement windows or walls.
  • You have mold or mildew problems in your basement or crawl space.
  • You’ve noticed a musty smell when you first walk into your basement.
  • If metal objects, furniture or appliances in the basement show signs of rust.
  • You have ever had water or excessive moisture in your basement or crawl space.
  • You have damp spots, cracks, white stains and/or lines on basement walls and floors.

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What If I Don’t Waterproof My Home Or Office?

While you emotional prepare yourself for a mold invasion, let your wallet know a costly expense is soon to follow.

Mold issues can be smelly and unsightly. Unfortunately, some people try to save money by waterproofing their homes themselves or take no action at all against water and are soon faced with mold.

How To Stop Mold

Absolute Maintenance and Consulting comes with the expertise necessary to solve the problem. Our team is MICRO-certified and ready to rid your home of mold-related problems today. We know where and how to look to stop mold from costing you thousands of dollars in damage.

How To Stop Mold

Case Study: Beverly Hills

I was called in by Nikki who is a sports model in Beverly Hills, California. I was called in because the owner complained of a smell of mold that she constantly had to wipe off her walls in her hallway and bedroom. Upon doing my inspection, I used my FLIR B-cam infrared camera which actually showed me the distinct signatures and/or moisture inside the wall. Once I was able to spot the areas of the mold contamination in the wall, I was able to use my boroscope and look inside the wall that gives me a video image through a quarter inch hole through the dry wall of what’s going on inside the wall. This is easy to repair later and gives us the exact extent of the mold and cause. In this case, the issue was being caused by a bad roof that the previous owners had coated over to try to hide its ultimate defects, and it needed to be replaced for some time. Further investigation showed that she had mold contamination in several other areas of the house, and I recommended the protocol and estimate for the removal process. We came in and did the work after the roof replaced the roof, the home, is now water wise and protected.


Water intrusion and waterproofing leak repair, water damage and mold We had a nagging water intrusion and leaks for many years and many attempts to fix. No one could get it corrected till Absolute Maintenance and Consulting, LLC did. They kept there word every step of the way. As of this last rain all issues are gone, and the bonus was they handled everything on the job for us they were a one-stop-shop. This company and owners are trustworthy and deserving of our and your business. Thank you, Bonnie.

Bonnie J. Beverly Hills, CA

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