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We specialize in using infrared thermal imaging technology: sealing, caulking, windows, doors, roof, foundation, stucco, wood, tile, granite, bathroom, indoor, outdoor, concrete, decks, cracks, leak detection, inspections, reports Whatever the leak, our Thermal Scan will X-ray and find the interior wall moisture leak.

Waterproofing and weatherization, of course, are at the cornerstone of water damage and mold protection, and when your home is properly waterproofed; you stand at the risk of being invaded by a host of water damage-related problems — everything from leaks and intrusions to mold and mildew. Leave it to Absolute Maintenance and Consulting to service your Studio City home and get it weatherized so you don’t have to face problems with mold and leaks.

When we waterproof a building in Studio City, we do so from the inside out, installing chemicals and membranes that protects the building materials at their core from any water that might try to invade. Our waterproofing techniques are also geared towards completely weatherizing and winterizing your home in Studio City — this means making sure that your building is completely protected from any building intrusions and water leaks that might be caused by the elements.

Best Waterproofing And Weatherization In Studio City

Best Waterproofing In Studio City

Best Waterproofing In Studio City

Especially here in Studio City, where the climate changes frequently and the elements are often rough on your home, weatherproofing and winterization will make sure that you, your home, and your family are completely protected. We guarantee it!

At Absolute Maintenance and Consulting, we use a wide arsenal of methods and techniques to combat any kind of water damage that might have sneaked its way into your home. We guarantee to seal any surface, even when others can’t. We are certified experts and can install a variety of different products, based on whatever your needs are. We design specifically engineered and unique waterproofing solutions for the entire home in Studio City — from the roof to the slabs!

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