leak detection
water damage repair
mold removal & remediation


We specialize in using infrared thermal imaging technology:

Windows, Roof, Deck, Stucco
Foundation, Concrete, Basement

Whatever the leak, our Thermal Scan will X-ray and find the interior wall moisture leak.

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Water Damage Repair & Restoration

Water will get into your home any way possible. At AMC. we are committed to providing easy and hassle-free care so that your home is healed as quickly as possible.

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Mold Testing &

Mold issues can be smelly and unsightly. We come MICRO- certified and ready to rid your home of mold-related problems today.

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At AMC. we have never encountered a problem we couldn’t solve. Our experience and expertise will be working for you to help find and solve any and all leak problems in your home.

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Cement Restoration, Sealers, & Coatings

We repair and upgrade a variety of surfaces making sure your family is safe and your home is sealed, waterproofed, and protected for years to come.

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This offer is for a general estimate only - does not include water intrusion investigation or full mold investigation inspections.




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Exclusive licensed user of Concrobium's revolutionary Mold Control products.


Absolute Maintenance is a USA ECO-Friendly company. We use chemical-free mold spraying and all-natural, non-toxic products that deodorize, sanitize and sterilize the environment, backed by a "written" Lifetime Warranty.


Absolute Maintenance received super service award for achieving and maintaining a superior service rating on Angie's list throughout 2015.