Mold is a form of fungus that can grow year-round in and around your home. While most forms of mold are harmless and beneficial, it becomes a problem when mold spores start to grow inside your home. Mold spores can produce toxic substances called mycotoxins which are known to cause health problems. Black mold, or Stachybotrys chartarum, can cause even more severe allergic and health-related issues. Mold can grow on organic and nonorganic materials where excess moisture collects on just about any surface under the right conditions.

We are among the top mold remediation companies in Los Angeles

Mold thrives in humid areas. If your home experiences water damage, standing water, or leaks in your walls and floors, mold can grow if left untreated. Mold can start to germinate and grow within 24 to 48 hours of exposure to a moisture source. Water extraction and water removal are advised immediately to prevent mold growth. If you are unsure if mold has already started growing, we recommend a mold test kit to check foundation walls and drywall for mold in your home. These are just a few facts about mold, but the more you know what to look out for, the better prepared you are if it happens.

We are among the top mold remediation companies in Los Angeles, at your beck and call, 24/7. Call us for any water damage repair, mold inspection, and mold remediation services.

Is There Mold In Your Home? Don’t Wait For Mold To Take Over!

Mold Facts & Helpful Information To Keep Your Home Safe

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FAQs About Our Services

  • After we are given a positive mold test by a separate, independent testing company, these are done on our behalf for the owner, or the owner has performed an inspection.
  • First, we determine as much as possible the extent of the mold and then the cause of mold, which may be from window leaks, stucco waterproofing, a leaky pipe in the wall, or any exterior or interior water issues.
  • Whatever those issues are, we have the technology to be able to determine the extent of the damage and the remediation process, which we call a protocol.
  • We determine that there is mold.  Otherwise, open drywall.  We remove the water damage and the mold.
  • After removing the mold damage, we do mold remediation.  Remediate and clean the mold while everything is open and clean.  We can then do whatever testing there is that we need.
  • Testing includes water testing for the plumbing, which we either handle or work with a plumber to handle, and then the plumber does the repair.
  • Or, if it’s a waterproofing issue, we can do water testing on the exterior and envelope for the building and find out where the water intrusion it comes from.

While we do not handle plumbing issues, we can refer you to a great plumber. Once the plumbing issue is fixed, we can continue with our mold remediation process.

So, waterproofing issues, whatever that is, on the foundation, the side walls, the stucco around the windows, flashings, or sheet metal, we help resolve and handle all waterproofing issues.

  • We offer roof waterproofing on everything but tile roofs. However, if you have a tile roof, we can still determine the site of the leak, and connect you with a roofer.

Yes, once the remediation is complete, we do restoration. This includes putting back up the drywall.

We do, only if the owner wishes to do a remodel.  Otherwise, use their restoration contracts.  Otherwise, we bring in a restoration contractor from our sister company.

  • We offer a maintenance program for our clients.  We put together a list of maintenance checklists together with the maintenance programs so that clients know exactly how long that the sealant work or other work should last, and then have a proactive approach to checking the maintenance in those issues in a timely basis so that they don’t get caught in a bad rainstorm or weather/other climate situation where they’re not prepared.
  • We outline exactly what needs to be re-sealed around the windows, paint, some windows’ stucco, repaint or re-seal, whatever option is needed on the house. This is the same for deck coatings and when to reseal the deck, or if there’s tile on the deck, re-sealing grout.
  • In addition, there is no deferred maintenance.  Everything must be maintained in California because of the sun, the ultraviolet of the sun, the weather patterns, and the extreme weather temperatures.  For that reason, we do a detailed list of what you need to be aware of in your house.
  • There is no set-it-and-just-forget-it-forever.  Even though we use the highest-quality materials, you must keep an eye on your house structure to make sure that if there’s any maintenance needed, it’s done so before any weather conditioning starts.

When in doubt, send us a picture or an image of the area.  We can give you feedback and send out an estimate!

While Absolute Maintenance & Consulting does not offer these services, we can point you in the right direction! We work with AMC Environmental, which offers environmental cleaning, including treating indoor air quality for both homes or businesses. They also provide sanitation services for homes, businesses, i.e., Restaurants, Offices, etc. Call us today for more information.

We come in using an infrared camera and do water testing on the outside of the building. We open up the joint and materials and fill it with a 100% silicone-based material with a primer, then 100% silicone spray. New technologies dry in 30 to 45 minutes staying flexible in the joint. We install a bridge coating, that’s fine. The third step is an elastomeric primer, paint to match the home, paint.

So, once we’ve installed the four layers, it’s four to five layers, we put a fifth or sixth layer on. Do not put the name GE or any other specific materials or manufacturers up there whatsoever. We use products by selected high-end manufacturers only.

What leak detection the FLIR E4 infrared cameras is. Find and fix the leak. We fix not only window leaks, we fix wall leaks, stucco leaks, flashing leaks, balcony leaks. Any leaks from the building envelope. Let’s not get into talking about stuff on the inside. Let’s go for everything on the building envelope. Chimneys, flashings, foundations, gutters, flat roofs, stucco, siding, however, the water gets in through the building envelope.

We use the latest FLIR infrared thermal imaging cameras to match our experience to give you the best and most accurate leak detection and water intrusion issues in the business.

Not only can we find, and fix, any water leak or intrusion in your building, but we will waterproof, weatherize, winterize, and completely protect your building from any issues in the future, making sure you and your family are safe from any sort of water intrusion.

No! Whether you’ve got leaks in your roof, bathroom, windows, tile, grout, caulking, you name it, we can figure it out and fix it right away!