Mold Remediation: Los Angeles, CA

We were called to perform a mold remediation for our client in their shower area. Turns out it was condensation mold from lack of ventilation. Another satisfied client in our books as we were able to restore their bathroom once remediation was completed!

HOA Waterproofing and Stucco Sealant Alhambra, CA

We were called by an HOA to perform some updates to their building. We did some waterproofing, weatherproofing, and remediation work. We completed recoating their decks on the balconies, we performed some stucco sealant work, and repainted the building. In addition to a few units needing mold remediation services. This client in specific was pleased and forever grateful for the hard work our crew’s put into this project.

Water Damage Venice, CA

At this property you can see there are several areas of water intrusion. It is a fairly new build home that had poor waterproofing planning. It also led to certain areas of the home needing mold remediation services caused by the leaks that were occurring. We were able to come in and perform waterproofing on their planters, decks, and balconies. The owners were more than pleased with the work that was performed.

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Absolute Maintenance is a USA ECO-Friendly company. We use chemical-free mold spraying and all-natural, non-toxic products that deodorize, sanitize and sterilize the environment, backed by a “written” Lifetime Warranty.


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