Do You Have Water Damage?

Here are common water damage causes:

Water can get into your home in unexpected ways. At Absolute Maintenance & Consulting, we’re committed in providing easy and hassle-free service so that your home is healed quickly.

At Absolute Maintenance & Consulting, our experience allows us to tackle any problem. Our experience and expertise will be working for you to help find and solve any leak problems in your home.

We Provide Quality Water Damage Repair

Mold issues can be vulgar and smelly. We come MICRO-certified and ready to rid your home of mold-related problems today.

Do You Have Water Damage?

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Case Study: Studio City, Mar. 2013

We were called in by Randy because he had water damage repair from a plumbing leak inside of his ceiling. The leak had been repaired by a plumber, but it had been a slow leak, and the ceiling had been completely contaminated with mold. Whether we know there’s complete mold in the area or not, we always set up a containment chamber, negative air pressure, remove the infected building materials, bag them up and take to a recycling center, and during that process, we clean any of the areas that need to be sanitized. And additionally, we used E.P.A., F.D.A. approved products by a company named CleanSeal. We have information and videos available at a request. These products are known as green products that will kill anything that’s inside the walls. When we do water damage, we automatically return the premises to a mold-proof and termite proof state; we clean any algae, debris, etc.; seal everything in the area and repair it with mold-proof drywall. Whenever we do water damage, we guarantee our work, and when we are done, the home is water wise proofed.


Highly recommend! I’d dealt with extensive problems in the home I was renting where they’d tried to cover up the toxic mold. My kids and I had gotten extremely sick and hope was dismal at best. Cameron was thorough and professional. He immediately found the problems and identified that there was indeed mold throughout the home. His help was phenomenal. A true light at the end of the tunnel. I highly recommend this company! 10 stars!

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