Whether or not you’ve had the misfortune of experiencing a fire in your home it is a possibility we all must know how to prepare for should disaster ever strike.

Home fires can range from small electrical fires to engulfing your entire house. However, in the event of even the smallest fire, the damage can be far greater than what meets the eye.


Smoke damage caused by any type of fire can spread to a much larger area compared to the visible damage.


This is where we come in.

Our technicians have years of experience and are trained to accurately evaluate the extent of the damage caused to your home.

It is strongly advised not to touch any walls or do self-cleaning of areas affected by fire/smoke damage, as it is likely to cause even more destruction and can be a costly mistake on the homeowners part.

Let Our Pros Do An Inspection

Loss of property can be caused by the fire itself, smoke, heat, moisture from sprinklers/hoses, and even chemicals such as those from fire extinguishers.

Once an inspection has been completed, we will provide a fully-detailed report of what needs to be done, which products to use, what can and cannot be restored, and the best course of action to properly restore your house to reverse any sign of damage ever caused.

Talk To One Of Our Experts

Our Team Is Sensitive To Your Needs

We understand a fire in your home can take a toll on you and your family’s lives. We work with our customers to ensure they are completely satisfied and their concerns are met.

We promise you will be 100% satisfied once we’re done. We are glad to go over in detail the steps we take during your inspection. Any questions and concerns you may have, we will be there to answer and work with you every step of the way.

Call us today at (310) 909-7146 to schedule an appointment. By the way, our inspections are complimentary.

We Use Green To Combat Smoke And Fire Damage

At Absolute Maintenance, we are proud to say we use CleanSeal products to treat fire damages. CleanSeal products are 100% green, which means they’re not harmful to you, your family or your pets.

These products are used to treat smoke damage as well as mold, which can be caused by moisture trapped from sprinklers and hoses.

After removing any debris from the house, we begin applying a pretreatment to all infected areas. This pretreatment works to disinfect any affected areas including furnishings, walls, air ducts and vents, carpet, crawlspaces, etc. It even works to remove things like secondhand smoke.

Then, we apply CleanSeal’s EP Clear Treatment, which seals in what has been disinfected; this can prepare any surfaces needing repainting.

After only 30 minutes of drying, you can visibly see how CleanSeal EP Clear Treatment cures and fully treats the affected areas, and even removes discoloration from water damage and mold.

What About The Smell?

Smoke odor is the worse. That’s why we use an ozone treatment to fully remove any lingering fire and smoke smell. Our process is used in succession to neutralize, treat and rid the air of any scents hanging in the air, thus leaving you with pure, clean, air.

Last Bit Of Advice?

Smoke behavior can vary, it is necessary to be prepared for any hidden occurrences. Hot smoke rises and can cause considerable harm to attics, crawlspaces and can even travel through plumbing systems damaging and leaving a pungent stench in its wake.

If your home is suffering from impact of smoke damage, don’t hesitate to contact us (310) 846-8213.

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