Got A Leak Problem?

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Water will get into your home any way possible. At AMC, we are committed to providing easy and hassle-free care so that your home is healed as quickly as possible.

At AMC, we have never encountered a problem we couldn’t solve. Our experience and expertise will be working for you to help find and solve any and all leak problems in your home.

Quality Waterproofing Services

Mold issues can be smelly and unsightly. We come MICRO-certified and ready to rid your home of mold-related problems today.

Got A Leak Problem?

Do You Have A Water Leak In Your Home?

Case Study: Hollywood, CA

I was called by an owner named Nikki who is an actress in Hollywood, California, to look at issues of water intrusion from areas of her home during the rainy season.

My investigation included using a FLIR B-Cam infrared camera, and of course, we have 35 years experience. The home is located in Hollywood, California, and the investigation took approximately 45 minutes. During this time, we diagnosed that the water intrusion was coming from the flashing around the gutters through the connection point of the gutters to the home, the area of the chimney and a skylight. We diagnosed these issues, gave her a protocol and repair order for the repair of the leak issues. The leak issues were then fixed. We dealt with all drywall repair on the inside, and the home is now complete, and water wise and protected.


Exceptional contractor In over seven years, we’ve had every type of contractor and have usually been disappointed in their service and work product. Cameron and his crews are the first to meet and surpass all expectations. They did leak detection and repair, drywall repair and mold remediation in several areas, and finishing work including internal and external painting and resurfacing of a deck. Of particular note is the care they took to protect our home while they conducted invasive work, the quality and insistence to have the final product meet our expectations, and the straight-forward communications at all stages (including with respect to the revision of estimates). We worked with them on scheduling due to their commitment for another client, but that only speaks to their dedication to see the job to completion. When they started, they showed every day until they were finished. Because we could see the quality and care as they progressed, we expanded the scope of the work with them to take advantage while they were at our home. Although we doubled our initial estimate (by our own expansion of the work), we are confident we received an excellent price for the work performed. Cameron and his crews left us entirely confident and comfortable throughout a stressful process. Clearly, this is an emphatically positive review without reservations.

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