Did your ‘ fresh-painted spotless’ stucco wall turn into a canvas riddled with black dots and water patches? It’s likely to be mold, the primary cause of health issues in many households, and you need to find a mold inspector to help. At Absolute Maintenance & Consulting, we will help you explore a few criteria to consider before choosing a mold inspector in Los Angeles:

1. The Initial Phone Call and Price

Communication is essential so that you can understand the scope of the issue and potential implications and possible remedies by the end of the conversation with your mold inspector. Additionally, find a mold inspector who can arrive at a reasonable price and give a detailed quote. Some inspectors will charge a flat rate; others according to the size of the task.

2. Certifications And Training

Even though no apparent regulations surround the mold industry, some indicators suggest whether certain mold inspection companies fit the job. By looking at the company’s credentials closely, you can get a sense of their qualifications and experience. A degree, training, or certificate from approved institutions like IICRC are all positive signs.

3. Work Experience

Ideally, you may want to hire someone who is committed to this job full-time. The number of years they have worked in the mold industry is another important consideration. Search for “mold inspection near me,” and you will come across a list relevant to your local region.

4. Mold Inspection Procedures

While the mold inspector’s experience and training are fundamental to successfully eliminating mold in your building, it is not the only factor in its success. Your mold inspector should know their protocols and procedures that are tailored to a particular mold type. It includes identifying the mold, creating a mitigation plan, and preventing it from recurring.

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5. Mold Inspection Limitations

Before addressing the mold issue, your inspector should explain what they do and beyond their coverage. For instance, some inspectors do not open up walls or move heavy furniture unless they specify otherwise.

6. Tools and Equipment

Mold inspectors should have no trouble using various tools that help them diagnose and confirm mold findings and carry the latest ones in the market. Some of these tools include a hygrometer, flashlight, infrared camera, cassettes, air quality pump, and moisture meter.

7. Alliances

A professional mold inspection’s main objective is to pinpoint the source of mold and fix it immediately. Quick remediation is critical because it helps to protect your health and your house. A reliable professional can coordinate the job with other professionals, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and vendors when needed.

8. Air Quality Testing, Swab, and Tape Sampling

A mold inspection process invariably comes with taking samples from air and various building areas where the mold is present. A professional company will perform the sample collection, send the samples to a lab for further analysis and report the findings within a given time frame.

9. Reputation and References

Online reviews, friends, family, and colleagues are the best places to check out the credentials of a mold inspection company you plan to hire. A company that refrains from giving you references of past clients and customers indicates that they are untrustworthy.

10. Turn Around Time And Reporting

Be sure that you get everything in writing. If the inspector has made only verbal promises and given an oral summary of the job to be performed, it may lead to legal issues later on.

11. The X-Factor

You may have just one type of mold that is harmless and easy to get rid of permanently with just one swipe. Or the mold is toxic and has spread over all the areas of the house. In any case, you want to find out what is going on. The best mold inspection company is the one that you can rely on irrespective of the extent of the mold invasion. Absolute Maintenance & Consulting deals with a broad spectrum of mold issues and has served many residential and commercial owners in and around the Los Angeles area.

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