Why I Need a Mold Inspection For My Future Home

Mold inspectorThe physical condition of a real estate property has the most obvious effect on its value. Picture this scenario. You bought a brand-new house with great views and an open concept. You discover what seems like growth of mold in the corner of the laundry room. What do you do? If you do not do anything, your health and wealth will be compromised. Your property value will be held down. Additionally, mold issues can restrict your future home selling because, even though the problem can be solved, potential buyers tend to think more in terms of what is visible and less in terms of what could be changed.

Mold During Real Estate Purchase

A home inspection done during almost all real estate transactions is a powerful advantage. Your house will be inspected by a certified professional like our Los Angeles mold inspector. Absolute Maintenance and Consulting will look for structural, functional, mechanical as well as cosmetic issues in the house. If there is a mold problem, the inspector will notify the parties involved. If the areas are hard to reach or the inspection is beyond the agreed terms, it’s advisable to hire another inspector whether or not the law requires the inspection.

Protecting Your Investment

If you notice the need for mold inspection but the purchase of the property has already been made, there is another way to go – hiring a certified mold inspector. These professionals like our Los Angeles mold inspector specifically target areas where mold is present and likely to show signs of growth in the future. Some of these areas are easily accessible; others are out of sight. Typically, mold grows everywhere in the presence of excess moisture and the absence of proper ventilation. You can think of mold growing in various shapes and colors – black, green, gray, or white. Then some places are frequently infested – inside the walls, in the ceiling, in the basement or attic, and so on. Mold even grows in homes that are located in the hottest regions of the earth. Its omnipresence is inevitable so are the health hazards that may follow, so act now and contact Absolute Maintenance and Consulting.

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In Essence, Mold Makes Its Way Into:

  • Homes that have poor ventilation
  • Areas around leaking pipes, roofs, and windows that are exposed to wet climates
  • Damp basements and flooded regions
  • Places with excessive water trapped inside

And Mold Can Be The Cause Of:

  • Unpleasant smell
  • Skin rashes
  • Bleeding
  • Respiratory problems
  • Seizures

Detecting Mold In Your Property

The many advantages of detecting mold at its early onset can easily beat inspection done after the obvious signs. You may not think to look for mold in a house that is brand new, but it’s necessary to find out for various reasons, like your health. To begin with, keep an eye out for watermarks, wall discoloration, or standing water in and around the property. If you notice a musty smell in places like laundry, kitchen, or bathroom, it’s a signal that the mold is in there. If a Log Angeles mold inspector doesn’t fix this in time, your new home could harm your pets and family, as mold can be a silent killer. Some houses provide extra protection from mold. For example, synthetic stucco utilized in modern homes acts as an airtight barrier to improve insulation.

Additionally, the professionals associated during and after your home purchase will assist in this task. The documents related to inspection done before the closing of the property may indicate the presence or absence of mold as well. A few states make it mandatory for sellers to disclose all matters related to mold.

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