Two Types of Mold That Could be Damaging Your Home Right Now

Two Types of Mold That Could be Damaging Your Home Right NowIf you notice that you have mold inside of your home, you may wonder if you should try to get rid of it yourself or call professionals to take care of the problem. One of the first considerations should be the size of the mold growth. If it covers over ten feet of surface, it will be extremely hard to remove it without causing problems with your air quality. The most important thing is to not cross-contaminate your space. You should choose Los Angeles mold removal services to help you get rid of serious mold issues before they get worse. A company like Absolute Maintenance and Consulting can help you with all of your mold removals needs safely and quickly.

Along with understanding the amount of mold that you have to deal with in your home, you should also consider the type of mold that you are going to be dealing with. Be sure to avoid cross-contamination, and get rid of all mold so that it does not spread.

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The Two Types of Mold Can Occur in Your Home

  1. The first type is the everyday mold. This type of mold can usually be dealt with easily.
  2. The second type of mold is a problematic mold. This type of mold should be dealt with by a professional.

Everyday mold can be found in places where there is a lot of moisture. It is a typical problem for bathrooms that are poorly ventilated, in basements, around sinks, and close to water heaters. If you locate everyday mold early on, you can usually get rid of it with water and soap. If that is not enough, you can also use some bleach.

After getting rid of everyday mold, you want to be sure to prevent it from returning. You can do that by:

  • Opening a bathroom window once you take a shower
  • Having a ceiling fan installed in a basement area
  • Wiping down sinks and other surfaces after using them.

Mold can often turn into a problematic mold if it is not caught early on. If you have this type of mold, professional Los Angeles mold removal services will be required to avoid it affecting your children and pets. Everyday mold can turn into a problematic mold in just a few days. Mold spores can start spreading to sub-flooring and drywall. Then no do-it-yourself methods will be able to help. When this occurs, you will need to call a company like Absolute Maintenance and Consulting. We can get rid of the mold quickly and safely.

When mold infests your home and soap, water, and bleach cannot get rid of it, it is important to hire a Los Angeles mold removal professional to get rid of the mold for good and prevent it from coming back. We are standing by to make certain that all mold is removed from your home. We will get rid of all damaged items, and we will sanitize your space.

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