How To Find Hidden Leaks In Your Home

How To Find Hidden Leaks In Your HomeWe have seen a trend of homeowners installing solar panels before inspecting the roofing, flashing, and getters. It’s important to check the integrity of the roof in case there are any signs of leakage. The mistake homeowners make is installing solar panels and not realizing that there are openings on their roof, and the solar panels actually expand and contract these openings from the sun. Consider hiring a waterproofing specialist in Los Angeles before installing solar panels in your home.

We’ve seen the same issues come from installing satellite dishes. It’s important to waterproof and weatherproof anything you are installing to the exterior of your home.

As experienced waterproofing experts in Los Angeles, CA, we have seen homes ruined because they didn’t have an inspection before installing anything to their homes.

How To Avoid Leaks In Your Home

We recommend that when you are working with solar companies or cable companies, that you make sure they bring up waterproofing before adding anything to the exterior of your home. You want to make sure that the company you work for is a fully licensed professional business.

After finding a reliable solar company, we recommend having an inspection by a waterproofing company performed to ensure all drill holes are covered with a coating that can withstand the UV from the sun and all elements, as this causes the contraction.

When installing cable or phone lines, we see it leads to mold and dry rot due to a lack of sealants once after the install. The cable should never run downward and directly into your house. Rainwater will adhere to the cable and follow it right into your home. Ideally, the cable should run upward and then in. If your cable was installed incorrectly, contact your service provider and voice your concerns. If the provider refuses to fix the problem, see if you can reroute the cable to gain a couple of feet.

Upon your cable being installed, we recommend that you have a waterproofing company check and make sure the proper sealants are there for your peace of mind.

Lastly, when it comes to satellite installation, what we see is water gets in from the bolt holes from the install of the satellite. Caulking the bolt holes would help with reducing water from entering through those bolt holes.

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