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5 Reasons Why Your Window Leaks When it RainsEveryone knows rain can cause damage to homes. No place can see more significant damage than your window paneling if they are leaking. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing water building up around your windows and not knowing how it’s getting in. Below are 5 of the reasons why your windows may be letting water through when it rains and may need to call a Los Angeles rain leak detection specialist. A window leak can be frustrating. With the troubleshooting described below, you may be able to find out exactly what your problem is.

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1. Improper Flashing

Flashing is the material used to make the transitions between different materials of your home waterproof. The first step in leak detection should be making sure all flashing is installed correctly.

2. Bad Angles

The easiest way to keep water from leaking through windows is to keep the water away from the window, to begin with. One way to achieve this is by using overhangs and proper gutter installation from Absolute Maintenance and Consulting because we are Los Angeles rain leak specialists. Ensuring the window slopes away from the inside of your home and not towards it is also an excellent way to keep water away from your windows.

3. Sealant

Missing sealant or caulk could also cause leaky windows. If no other precautions are taken, missing caulk could cause significant damage fast. You may even require water damage repair. Los Angeles rain leak detection with Absolute Maintenance and Consulting is one way to diagnose the issue and solve it all at once to secure your building from water leaks. We even handle mold removal.

4. Condensation

You may not know it, but condensation can be a real problem for some. There aren’t too many ways to completely stop condensation; however, there are a few ways to lessen the effect it has on your home. For one, poor insulation around the window can lead to increased condensation. The seal that separates the panels of your window could also be broken, allowing water to get in between the layers of glass. If the seal is disrupted, the argon gas will escape, causing you to lose that insulation.

5. Wall Leaks

Finding water around your window doesn’t always mean the window is at fault. Check the drywall around your window and make sure there are no water stains. The water could be seeping through the drywall. This would mean the roofing, siding, or some other element of your home is at fault. This is a tough one to diagnose. If you can’t find the water’s entry point, it might be time to call a professional for help. Consider contacting Absolute Maintenance and Consulting for assistance.

Los Angeles Rain Leak Detection and Water Damage Repair

Absolute Maintenance and Consulting can help diagnose the issue and even work on the repairs. The company specializes in mold removal; however, we offer various services having to do with water damage. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you feel like you won’t solve the issue on your own.

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