Secure Your Building From Water Leaks

Secure Your Building From Water LeaksWater leak issues are not limited to the occasional dripping from your faucets and showerheads. Unfortunately, there are various water leak conditions that, if untreated, develop into a significant disaster over time. This information will review some of these water leak situations and help you understand how a professional service like ours will handle them right away. The best part is that any Los Angeles rain leak detection – detected or undetected – is solvable, and we take steps to ensure that they never recur in the future.

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Water Leak Detection And Potential Issues

Undetected water leaks can wreak havoc on your roof, attic, stucco wall, the house’s interior, and the foundation of your building if left alone. Our water leak detecting service is designed to help find the source and isolate the leaks in boiler systems, sprinkler systems, plumbing lines, and water lines. By detecting the leak early on, as Los Angeles rain leak specialist’s we establish a sturdy defense against future leaks and potential problems. More times than not, these problems go unnoticed for years only to surface in the form of a major catastrophic event. Undetected leaks from the irrigation system may reach the foundation of your building and flood the area. When flooding happens, the foundation will start to weaken, crumble, and eventually collapse.

Building Leak Detection

If the water leaks are present beneath the surface, such as foundation or lawn grounds, there are alternatives to the conventional digging practices performed by some leak detecting services. Our water leak detection technique to detect the leak’s source is unique in that we use the latest technology in the market to detect leaks, such as infrared thermography and ultrasound. Whether yours is a residential property or a commercial one, we use state-of-the-art equipment to pinpoint the leak without digging the area around. So, no holes in your yard and no ruining of your landscape. Instead, our equipment will quickly scan the location and constantly look for leaks. If you want to learn more you can read about 5 reasons why your window may be leaking in your building.

Overload Prevention

Building systems tend to overwork when there is a leak, and the water is seeping through the roofs, doors, and windows. For example, the excess moisture build-up can cause the HVAC unit to work harder than necessary due to humidity in the interior atmosphere. Likewise, water leaks and moisture can escape into the stucco wall and between its layers, causing mold and mildew buildup, potentially spreading to other parts of the building. Additionally, bare roofs without flashing or additional rainwater diverting mechanisms are always vulnerable to leaks and excess moisture. Our professional diagnostic testing or window water leak detection helps prevent all these from happening in the first place.

We Fix Water Leaks

Absolute Maintenance & Consulting is committed to fixing general issues of water leaks in your building. Taking the steps recommended by our technicians will help you easily prevent future leaks in the structure. Detecting existing leaks and professionally addressing them should be your priority if you want to protect your property. As you can see, a comprehensive strategy that involves identifying the source of the leak and correcting the issue, followed by identifying the underlying structural, environmental, and accidental factors, and addressing them within a given time frame is both practical and reasonable for the long run. Building leak detection and window leak detection are all best handled through professional services like our company.

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