Get Rid of Mold For Good With A Los Angeles Mold Removal Company

Mold can easily be spotted by anyone who knows the signs. We must know how to identify early red flags that tell us when mold is growing inside of a property. This will help us avoid having to spend money on large repairs. The sooner mold is confronted by a Los Angeles mold removal professional, the easier it is to make improvements and prevent it from coming back.

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How Can We Spot Mold in Homes

As a mold removal service in a prominent area like Los Angeles, it is our job to know the signs of mold at first glance. Absolute Maintenance and Consulting provides services to help make sure mold is stopped in its tracks. A few ways we can determine whether or not a property has mold include the following:

  • Odd-smelling AC
  • Walls Littered with Speckles
  • Stained or Spotting Grouts
  • Discolored Roof Installation

Odd-Smelling AC

The first sign that a home may have a mold problem is if the air conditioner(s) inside of the home smell a bit off. This can be mistaken for dirty filters or build-up from storing the air conditioner away for the winter, however, that is rarely the case. The foul smell is more likely present because of mold growing within the property. If this is gone unnoticed, the mold can get worse and will eventually become a very obvious issue t. That is when Absolute Maintenance and Consulting can come in and help as we provide top-notch Los Angeles mold removal services to protect your children, pets, and loved ones.

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Walls Littered With Speckles

Another sign of mold inside of a home would be if there are any speckles on the wall that look like dark dots. The color of the speckles varies but they are usually blackish or greenish. They are often hidden during their early stages of growth so it may not be obvious. We usually advise homebuyers and realtors to do a thorough inspection of a property before they invest any money into it. During the inspection, we recommend that buyers or realtors have an eye out for peeling paint or bubbling in the wall. That would mean that the walls contain moisture and that is a telltale sign that there is mold inside of the walls. If there is mold present, we can help identify the type of mold so that it is properly treated.

Stained or Spotted Grouts

If the grout inside of the property is discolored or stained in any way, that is an issue. It is important to know that grout should never be any color outside of the white color spectrum. While stained grout may mean that it is just dirty, spots underneath the dirt will indicate a deeper problem. We advise that homeowners clean the surface to determine whether or not mold is a concern.

Discolored Roof Installation

The last sign that a property may have mold is if the roof installation is discolored in some way. A roof installation is a popular place for mold to grow so always make sure to inspect that area before buying or selling a home. We have the tools necessary to check roof installations to make sure it is done properly. It is necessary to hire a Los Angeles mold removal expert to find all types of mold, whether it is everyday mold or problematic mold.

How We Get Rid of Mold in Your Home

We are a Los Angeles mold removal company that believes in helping homeowners solve all of their mold problems. Our solutions get rid of the mold for good rather than just cover it up temporarily. Absolute Maintenance and Consulting services for mold removal are done on time so make sure to call us today.

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