Essential Water Damage Restoration Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Essential Water Damage Restoration Tips Every Homeowner Should KnowFrom leaky pipes and dripping taps to broken sewer systems and natural flooding, water damage is one of the most frustrating issues you will probably ever face as a property owner. Repairing and restoring water damage in a house can be difficult, costly, time-consuming, and discouraging. If you’re facing water damage repairs in your home or another property you own or manage, we at Absolute Maintenance and Consulting hope you find these tips and pointers helpful.

Time Is Of The Essence

The very first thing you need to do in any case of water damage is to identify the source. As soon as you notice any leak, drip, or pooling water, you must act fast to prevent further damage, and therefore prevent increased expenses. In some cases, if you act fast enough, you may even be able to completely prevent any permanent water damage. Water typically moves fast, when it comes to leaks, spills, breakages, and flooding, so identifying the source of the water quickly is very important. However, if the damage is already done, or you cannot find the source of the leak, you will need to call in the experts.

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Let The Water Damage Experts Handle It

Calling in the experts in cases of water damage will almost always save you a lot of time, money, and hassle. It’s so easy to miss vital steps or do an incomplete job if you aren’t trained to handle water damage. When you let a professional Los Angeles water damage company handle the restoration and repairs, you will get peace of mind in knowing that the job is done right and as quickly as possible.

Turn Everything Off

When there is a large amount of standing water or a current water leak, it is very important to turn off the electricity in the building. The entire electrical system should be turned off to prevent accidental shocks, short-circuiting, and electrocution. It is also wise to unplug all large and small appliances, as well as electrotonic devices, and remove any wiring or cables from the wet area. This is both for your safety, and to protect the appliances and devices from damage. You can do all of this before you call the professionals, but if you are not confident in doing so, you may also allow them to do these tasks for you.

Eradicate Mold And Fungus

If there has been any amount of water damage, there is a high potential for mold and fungus to grow and thrive. When a water leak or flooding results in the saturation of walls, floors, carpeting, curtains, or any other porous material or fabric medium, there will almost inevitably be mold. Besides being highly damaging to the structure of your building, mold can also produce toxic spores that are harmful to your health. For these reasons, you must act quickly to your Los Angeles water damage to prevent and eradicate any mold or fungus that has begun to grow due to water damage. Sometimes mold is already spreading before you even notice it has begun. To eradicate mold you will first need to remove any carpets, curtains, rugs, or other soft furnishings that are waterlogged. These fabric items will need to be cleaned professionally and thoroughly dried if they are to be used again, however, you may need to simply throw them away and replace them. Some wood, such as paneling, floorboards, or cupboard doors, may also need to be removed if they have become so soaked with water that they are growing mold. While you can do some of this yourself, there may be cases where it is best to have an expert handle the job. Mold remediation companies, such as a Los Angeles water damage business, provide trained experts who will safely and thoroughly eradicate all mold and fungal growth from your water damaged property. We hope these tips and pointers will aid you in your water damage repair and restoration job. However, if you don’t feel confident in doing these jobs yourself, or you know that you are not equipped to do so, the best way to respond to a Los Angeles water damage emergency is by contacting an expert to the scene. For safe, efficient, and affordable water damage repair services, get in touch with Absolute Maintenance and Consulting today to speak to a member of our friendly team

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Water Restoration Damage Tips

Water emergencies in Los Angeles are a common occurrence. Luckily, you can use these water damage restoration tips to solve the issue quickly.

Identify The Type Of Water You Are Dealing With

water damage restoration tipsKnowing the type of water leak you have will help determine if you need professional help. The three types of water leaks include clean water, gray water, and black water. Clean water can be a result of leaky pipes, condensation, or rainwater. In most cases, it is safe but can lead to electrical problems. You don’t have to pay a professional for immediate water damage repair unless you choose to. Gray water may result due to broken drainage from washing machines and dishwashers. It is usually dirty and might contain contaminants. It is best to hire professionals if you are dealing with this type of water damage. The last type, black water, occurs due to a leaking sewer system or flooding. This type of water is dangerous and usually contains bacteria and waste.

Remove All The Porous Materials From The House

water damage restoration tipsPorous materials can be hazardous after flooding in your Los Angeles home. These materials continue to pose a significant threat long after the problem is over. For example, these materials are the perfect breeding grounds for mold and mildew. That is why you should remove all your mattresses, clothing, insulation, and other porous materials from your home within 48 hours to prevent mold growth.

Disinfect Your Home

Removing the porous materials is not enough. You also need to disinfect the rest of your home to prevent health hazards. You don’t have to use commercial disinfectants to keep your home germ-free. Homemade remedies like bleach will work just fine.

Deal With Roofing Water Before Anything Else

Deal With Roofing Water Before Anything ElseMake sure to address the roof of your home for any damages. If you don’t address water leaks in your roof, it could lead to your roof sagging or, worst-case – collapsing.  As a result, you need to deal with any roofing damage. Also, we suggest you have an inspection to ensure the beams and rafters are in good condition. We advise you to consider contacting professionals to prevent further damage.

Replace Your Floors

water damage restoration tipsIf you suspect that your floor is damaged, it is best to replace it with new and sealed floors. Water leaks can severely damage your floor, but using engineered wood floor options to replace it can help. You can also replace your old floor with ceramic tiles or high-end vinyl.

Replace Your Damaged Drywall

water damage restoration tipsIf your drywall is sagging, it is wise to replace it. Drywall is susceptible to leaks. You don’t have to replace the whole material if you are dealing with minor damage. While replacing your drywall, remember to check the insulation as well. If you need more water damage restoration tips, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Contact professional water restoration experts at Absolute Maintenance and Consulting for timely, affordable, quality customer service.

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