Putting off a leak repair in the home is never a good idea. When water leaks it can cause damage to many areas of the home, whether or not the homeowner realizes it. Too much water on the floorboards and other woodwork can cause rotted wood and breakage. Water can also mean a buildup of mold, which in turn can cause illnesses and more damage to the home. But often a leak repair is more complicated than a homeowner realizes and trying to handle it yourself can make the situation even worse!So how do you handle a leak repair? When and why should you call a professional and when can you handle this on your own? Obviously if it’s a matter of tightening a washer under the sink, this type of leak repair may not need the services of a professional. But even for small jobs, it’s good to make sure you’re doing things correctly. Tightening washers too much can strip the threads and make them leak even more. Failing to use plumber’s tape around new pipes will mean leakage as well. So even a small leak repair must be done with caution.

When you need a leak repair job done behind walls or under floorboards, it’s time to call a professional. He or she can pinpoint the spot of the leak and make sure no more drywall is removed than necessary and that no unnecessary floorboards are pulled up. He or she can then also repair and replace these components properly. This is part of the leak repair job you would get from a professional.Very often when it comes to leak repair, you may also need some other repair or cleanup work. If a plumber or contractor finds mold, even a small amount, this needs to be cleaned so that it doesn’t spread and grow. If studs have been weakened because of water leakage, they should be replaced. A contractor may find all sorts of damage done because of a leak repair that is necessary, so you need to be prepared for this. Putting off these repairs can mean even more expensive repairs down the road!

And you may find that a leak repair job also means replacing carpeting, padding, and electrical fixtures. If water leaks through the ceiling it may run down to a chandelier or ceiling fan and cause an electrical short. This of course should be fixed and the fixture replaced as well. All of this is why a professional should be called for a leak repair job that is more complicated than tightening a washer. He or she can fully diagnose the problem and make sure anything else related to the water leakage is addressed. In most cases it might mean just the fittings around pipes but sometimes it can be more complicated than that. So never hesitate to call a professional contract or plumber so that you know your leak repair job is done right the first time.