Have you ever tried to fix leaks in your home’s plumbing only to fix nothing, or to find out that you’ve made things worse? It’s not unusual for someone unfamiliar with plumbing and pipes to actually make even small repair jobs even worse by making a few simple mistakes. Tightening something too much can mean stripping the washers and cracking the pipes. Neglecting to use the right sealant or any sealant at all when you fix leaks will mean you’ll just have even more leaks down the road.And there is the problem of overcorrecting or of assuming a leak is caused by something it’s not. When you go to fix leaks and assume the entire sink needs replacing or that the pipe itself is in disrepair, you are then spending much more money than you should on a simple job.

So when should you call professionals to fix leaks in your home? Of course there’s no easy answer and sometimes a simple leak can be fixed with a simple tweak or two. But consider a few quick pointers before you try to fix leaks on your own.For one, do you really know where the leak originates? It’s easy to look at the wet area on your pipes and assume you’ve found the origination of the leak, but remember that sometimes water runs or drips all over your pipes. You may think you can fix leaks by checking for the wet spots but you may be many inches and even a few feet away from the real leak! This can mean water buildup in areas when you don’t fix leaks properly.

Another consideration is when it comes to larger leaks in areas that are behind walls and under floors. It’s difficult to fix leaks in these areas without causing damage to your walls and floors. Typically a professional knows how to get behind drywall or underneath floorboards without damaging these, and with being able to repair them afterwards. Trying to fix leaks in these areas without knowledge of how to pull up floorboard or replace drywall can mean damage to your home’s walls and floors.And if you don’t fix leaks properly in these areas, this can mean mold buildup and other damage. It’s not unusual for homes to suffer damage in all areas because of water leaks; this can mean floorboards that rot, foundations that crumble, and walls that are damaged beyond repair by mold. And of course these repairs are much more costly than any other!

If you’re not sure of how to fix leaks properly, it’s always advised that you don’t try on your own. Call a professional to help. He or she can pinpoint the exact location of the leak and make sure the right tools and materials are used. This can mean saving your home from further water damage. There are many reasons to consider having a professional fix leaks in all cases in your home.