How To Reduce Humidity Levels in Your Los Angeles Home

Common Reasons For Basement Moisture And How They Can Be Fixed During this time of year, homeowners call us asking, “Why is my home so humid?” or “How can I reduce humidity levels?” We have found that homeowners receive insufficient information about this topic from other contractors, vendors, or people they know. Most homeowners believe […]

How to Waterproof Stucco Walls

How to Waterproof Stucco Walls For some homeowners, waterproofing a structure is optional and something of a task that is reserved for future projects. However, taking care of it is necessary to prevent it from damage, mold, and rot. If the structure is not sealed correctly, it runs the risk of trapped moisture and eventual […]


WATERPROOFING CONSULTANT Absolute Maintenance & Consulting is a home waterproofing company in Los Angeles that is backed by more than three decades of experience within the industry and furthermore our company has been certified by MICRO, the country’s leading organization which provides training and certifications for mold technicians. As a professional waterproofing consultant, our team […]