How often have you seen a video of someone running into the wall of their home and leaving a huge hole in the drywall? While it may be funny when you watch someone else do it, drywall repair in the home can be frustrating and more time consuming than you imagine. Of course it’s also something you can’t just ignore; leaving a big hole in your wall means exposing pipes, electrical wiring, and other elements to the family. And it’s very unsightly! If you need drywall repair you can and should get it done quickly and properly.But why not handle drywall repair on your own? After all, it’s just nailing a sheet of drywall to a stud in the wall, right? Actually this thinking has probably led many to try drywall repair on their own with sometimes disastrous consequences. Not doing it the right way can mean that you’re not repairing the drywall at all, or are creating more problems for yourself.

One of the reasons to consider professional drywall repair is that replacing or repairing drywall is a bit more complicated than most people realize. You don’t simply nail the drywall to the studs. There is drywall tape that goes over the nail holes, mud that is like spackle that is used, and even some sanding that is done to make the drywall smooth. If you skip any of these steps or elements during drywall repair you’ll have uneven walls, gaps, noticeable holes, and things such as these.

Another reason to consider drywall repair by a professional is that if the drywall is not installed correctly, it can become uneven along the walls. There are so many nails that are put in per foot of drywall and using less means that the weight of the drywall pulls down on the sheet. This might not seem like much since drywall is so light, but it can mean that over time, the walls become uneven or the drywall pulls away from the studs itself.It’s also good to remember that when you have a professional handle your drywall repair, this is a good time for him or her to look behind your walls and alert you to any additional problems. It’s not unusual for someone to come in to fix a hole in the wall only to notice mold that is starting to build up, pipes that are leaking, and issues like these. Taking care of them before they become major issues can mean that you save money down the road. And all because you had a professional handle your drywall repair!So there are many reasons to get your drywall repair done by a professional. Remember this the next time you’re the subject of that funny video, or when there’s a hole in your wall for whatever reason! Trying to handle it on your own can mean more repairs down the road and even costlier work done once you do need to call in a contractor.