Absolute Maintenance & Consulting is a home waterproofing company in Los Angeles that is backed by more than three decades of experience within the industry and furthermore our company has been certified by MICRO, the country’s leading organization which provides training and certifications for mold technicians. As a professional waterproofing consultant, our team will insure that your home is correctly waterproofed and with our five and ten year waterproofing warranty, homeowners receive the assurance that the waterproofing is done right the first time around. With more and more companies around the globe realizing the benefits of eco-friendly or green practices, Absolute Maintenance & Consulting is no exception and we are a totally green waterproofing consultant that concentrates on utilizing only eco-friendly solutions when waterproofing your home and in so doing, the products which are used during the waterproofing contract will not harm the environment and are safe for your family.

Water seepage in your basement can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your property and besides the damage which is caused, water seepage or a leak can pose several health problems to the inhabitants of the home. The waterproofing consultant will determine the extent of the problem and at the same time, the consultant will ascertain the best method of treatment. Absolute Maintenance & Consulting will use a chemical membrane which will protect the surface from the water seepage and the membrane coating will also remove all the moisture which has been emitted into the atmosphere by the leak or water seepage. Regardless of how big the problem may appear to be, as a leading waterproofing consultant, Absolute Maintenance & Consulting has never been able to find a solution and we are continually exploring new methods of waterproofing and as such, we are able to provide the guarantee that all surfaces can be sealed, even when other waterproofing consultant s shy away. If you believe you have a water seepage problem, find out more about the dangers caused via our website and feel free to contact Absolute Maintenance & Consulting at 562.519.8565 and let our team of experienced and expert waterproofing consultant s put your mind at ease.

As a well known waterproofing consultant, we will make use of several different waterproofing products, and we are certified installers of all the products we use. Do not allow your home to make you sick, and do not allow water seepage or a water leak to end up costing thousands of dollars in costly repairs-let a professional waterproofing consultant assess the damage and determine the best course of action. Via our website, https://lamoldexperts.com/, online users will be able to view videos relating to waterproofing and find out more about the full range of services provided by our company, which includes water damage repair and restoration, waterproofing and mold testing. Put your faith in the most professional waterproofing consultant company, Absolute Maintenance & Consulting, and let our technicians handle all of your waterproofing needs with eco-friendly solutions.