Absolute Maintenance & Consulting is the leading Los Angeles mold inspection company. Mold testing is an import service that is needed in a lot of homes. Mold can be smelly and unsightly but, even more importantly, can be dangerous to your health. Mold can grow on hidden surfaces so that you may not even realize there is a problem with mold growth in your home. It may be found on the back of wallpaper, drywall, paneling, tops of ceiling tiles, the underside of carpets, padding, floor tiles, and linoleum. The number one cause of mold and mildew is from rain. Mold and mildew which can result will eat away at and cause structural damage to your property. Without Mold testing, you may have it growing in your home and causing your family health problems without knowing it. The best way to prevent mold from getting into your home is by weather-stripping doors and windows, cracks, joins, seams, and other areas where uneven surfaces meet, ensuring that your house is tightly sealed and that leaks can’t penetrate to cause mold to form. In addition, catching mold early could save you money.

Absolute Maintenance and Consulting has thirty years of experience in Mold testing to find the water leaks that other cannot. In places where roof meets metal, metal meets stucco, and other similar types of exterior locations are of extreme importance. ABC offers five and ten year warranties on all of their services and will provide you with a full detailed report on the solutions to any mold problems you may be experiencing. They work to protect your home while providing for the care and safety of your environment, your home, and your family.

AMC uses Concrobium products exclusively, starting with Mold Control which is an EPA-approved and revolutionary new product and mold removal system that is guaranteed to be protective of the surfaces in your home. It is also safe for the environment around your home as well as the loved ones who live inside. If Mold testing shows that you have mold in your home, AMC will use products that are free of harmful agents like ammonia and bleach. These products are guaranteed to be a revolutionary way to handle mold problems and to ensure they don’t come back later.

Mold testing and treatment should be a safer option than the mold. By using only the biologically safe and environmentally-friendly components to heal your home, ABC will guarantee that your family and property will remain as safe as the environment around it. Absolute Maintenance is a USA Eco-Friendly company that you can feel good about. Since water can leak slowly in out-of-sight areas and mold growth can occur as a result, regular Mold testing is a good idea in any home. Mold growth has been associated with a number of health ailments including asthma and other respiratory ailments. Don’t take the risk that mold could be making you or your loved ones sick. Mold testing is the best way to ensure that there isn’t a hidden problem. If you know that you have water leaks or damage, then you should have repairs made and waterproof the areas that are retaining moisture.