Mold Remediation Los Angeles

Mold remediation is a term which refers to identifying the mold and assessing the extent of the mold. The airborne mold spores are dangerous to humans and if the spores are present in high numbers in a home, allergic reactions and even breathing problems can result, and to this end, if mold is detected in a home, it is imperative that mold remediation be carried out. Mold can grow on any surface and any substance where moisture is present and as such, should a Los Angeles home have a water leak or water seepage, mold will grow. The first phase in Absolute Maintenance & Consulting’s mold remediation process offered to Los Angeles property owners will be to determine if mold is in fact present and the extent of the mold. Generally, mold can be seen by simply examining the surfaces of the home. Once mold has been detected, the next phase of mold remediation will be sampling and this will include air sampling and surface sampling. Absolute Maintenance & Consulting has been offering their services to homeowners for more than three decades and throughout their time, our technicians are not only proficient in mold remediation in Los Angeles, but are able to carry out the repairs caused by water, leak detection and waterproofing.

Besides the fact that mold in a home is an eyesore, if effective mold remediation is not carried out, the Los Angeles homeowners will be risking their health. Areas in the home which are wet and warm prove to be the ideal breeding ground for mold and the health issues that can be caused by the mold spores include respiratory problems, and in light of the fact that the mold spores are airborne and cannot be seen by the naked eye, without the proper mold remediation, Los Angeles homeowners are facing real health risks. Since mold can form on any surface, be it wet carpets, linoleum and walls, during mold remediation, we will detect the source of the moisture and instantly tend to the leak or the water seepage, effectively remediating all the problem areas that have been affected by mold. To find out more about the full range of services offered by Absolute Maintenance & Consulting, a company that has thirty years of experience in detecting and correcting leaks and in mold remediation in Los Angeles, feel free to visit the Absolute Maintenance & Consulting website,

In addition, Absolute Maintenance & Consulting has been certified by MICRO, the country’s top training service provider which offers training and certifications for mold and leak repair technicians and which trains in mold remediation, and to this end, Absolute Maintenance & Consulting is the preferred choice of thousands of Los Angeles home and commercial property owners. Furthermore, Absolute Maintenance & Consulting is a licensed user of Concrobiums, which is a first class mold control product, and Absolute Maintenance & Consulting also uses materials during mold remediation that are eco-friendly and safe to the environment. If you suspect mold growth, insist that mold remediation is carried out by experienced professionals who have received the correct training and have been certified by MICRO.